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Maria Zack Shares Update Since Her Shocking Revelations of the 2020 Election

This week, Larry Kaifesh sat down with Maria Zack, who shared pertinent updates since her shocking Kansas Senate Hearing Testimony on the 2020 elections.

Maria's breadth of knowledge and insight into what is taking place in America and the globe today is second to none. She has spent a lifetime solving problems and pushing truth and transparency. Her list of sources and contacts allow her to provide much needed light in a world of darkness. Maria's commitment to America is inspiring and will be invaluable in exposing the tyranny hiding in plain sight Watch The Interview Here

Maria Zack serves on the Board of Directors of Nations in Action, an organization devoted to spreading freedom globally and she is currently the CEO and founder Quantum Solutions Software which focuses on solution-oriented construction of a client's IT needs. Maria has extensive experience in influencing policy, acquiring capital and serving as an angel investor.

Maria's unique and extensive background in politics, technology and strategy has allowed her to provide some of the most earth shattering testimony on what happened during the 2020 elections. Watch Maria Zack's Kansas Senate Hearing Testimony Here

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