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The Globalists Want a Great Reset, a Digital Concentration Camp for the Masses and Must be Stopped!

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

By Larry Kaifesh, Ret. Marine Colonel

The Great Reset may best and most simply be explained as “capitalism with Chinese characteristics” creating a two-tiered economy, with profitable monopolies and the state on top and socialism for the majority below. In other words, for the vast majority, it will be hell on earth, in the vein of George Orwell’s 1984 dystopia. In this dystopia humans have no control over their own lives, where nearly every positive feeling is squelched, and where people live in misery, fear, and suppression.

Last week, we spoke in McHenry County, Illinois, where concerned citizens came together to get a better understanding of the tyranny before us. The key to derail the sinister intentions of the globalists is sharing the truth. Truth and Transparency are the key to a civilized society and they have been sacrificed at the altar of the Great Reset for many years. Please watch this video to get the truth and transparency to the nefarious plan. Please share far and wide. United, we can defeat this lethal threat, divided, we will all fall.

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