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Informative & Important facts related to the experimental vaccines 

The lawsuit names numerous high-level defendants as “responsible for numerous violations of the Nuremberg Code … war crimes and crimes of aggression” in the UK, the U.S. and many other countries. After repeated unsuccessful attempts to raise a case with the British Court system, the applicants filed their complaint with “the utmost urgency” to the International Criminal Court at the Hague, Netherlands.


Questions NOT Answered, Doctors & Data Being Censored

The Irish Council for Human Rights Issued this Video Urging Parents NOT TO VACCINATE Kids... Please Watch!

These American Frontline Doctors are Standing United for Truth and Aim to Educate the American People and the World About the Fact there is LACK OF TRANSPARENCY of the Experimental Vaccines.

This video will be attributed once we get the author's name. However, the questions and answers asked of the medical community, in this case doctors and scientists who have opposition opinions related to the experimental vaccine, are very compelling and insightful. The truth is critical thinking is a must, as long as questions are NOT being adequately answered by the medical community, Big Pharma, un-elected bureaucrats  and compromised politicians who took big money from the providers of the vaccines.

It is apparent the Watch Dog for the People no longer exists, journalism is dead. It is up to people who have asked the needed questions, working with doctors and scientists who are being censored by the medical community and MSM and the government, to put out videos and publish documents to help educate the masses.


We are sharing much of the information and data here as we find it, to help awaken the masses to what is really going on. There has been no proof published that the Wuhan Virus originated in a bat in a Chinese wet market. Evidence to the contrary is that the virus was made in a lab in Wuhan, China using American tax money funneled through the Obama Administration (and partly while under the Trump Administration until the President ended funding.)

The virus produced there at the Wuhan Lab (one of the main Chinese Communist Party cities) was part of the "gain of function" unethical science that Dr. Fauci used our tax money to produce, only to have the virus unleased worldwide like a bio-weapon. There MUST be accountability with the people responsible. Most importantly at the moment, people need to understand the facts of the experimental vaccines that Dr. Fauci, (an un-elected, highly paid bureaucrat, who has taken a lot of money working with BIG PHARMA,) is pushing for the American people to inject themselves with.  

Those Dealing with Vaccine Injuries and Family Members of those Who Died Post-Vaccination Get Press Conference in Washington D.C.

WI-R Senator Ron Johnson held a hearing with numerous people who have allegedly no-where to go, after doing what the government and Big Pharma told them to do...get vaccinated! These people are just a few highlighted of the injured, and a few family members of the now deceased, due to the experimental vaccines.

It is essential, even though the MSM refused to cover this hearing last summer in 2021, to listen to those who have had adverse reactions to the MRNA Experimental Vaccines, because their story could be the story of YOUR child or loved one too. We all need to care about those damaged by an experimental vaccine, which is still under the Emergency Use Order (EUO) and basically the Big Pharma players producing the vaccines are absolved from any liability. 

Health Professionals, who Refused to Subject their Body and Health to an Experimental Vaccine, Lost their Jobs. But They Are Now Instrumental in Educating the Public About Early Treatment Options for Dealing with Covid that the Bureaucrats, Politicians, Big Pharma, and Big Tech Have Censored in Order to Continue their Push for Mass Vaccination.


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