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We Have a Country to Save...We Must Not Sit Back and Allow the Three Biggest Lies Continue to be Told...


It is imperative we the people counter the biggest lies that the Globalists and MSM continue to churn out to the people. Pushing back means not backing down from truth. Get Your Trump Won Shirt Today and wear it often to spread awareness and remind others that truth will not go away.

Below Is Text Featured on the Back of Every Trump Won Shirt:

Top 11 Historical Anomalies Reaffirming the 2020 Election Fraud

1. Chinese Virus Used to Change State Election Laws.

2. Over 7,000 Affidavits Reporting Election Fraud in MI Alone

3. 6 States Trump Winning, Stopped Counting on Election Night

4. 6 States Contested the Electoral College Votes

5. Trump Rs Did Not Lose A Single Seat = Trump Victory

6. Trump Rs Picked Up Party Seats = Trump Victory

7. Trump Won 18 of the 19 Bellwether Counties in the Country - BIG

8. Every Incumbent President Receiving 75% of the Primary Vote, Has WON!

9. Since 1852, Minus President Nixon, Noone Has Lost the Presidency Having Won Iowa, Florida and Ohio. Trump Won Them All BIG.

10. Trump in 2020 Received 11 Million More Votes than in 2016.

11. The Navarro Report / 2000 Mules/ Maria Zack/ Mike Lindell...

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