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Climate Change: the biggest hoax the globalists are using to usher in the NWO's 'Great Reset'

We put this video out to encourage the critical thinkers out there to start pushing back on the Climate Change racket, which has taken billions of our tax money away from the hard-working American people with little transparency and accountability.

The main face of the hoax from America is now self-described "Climate Change Czar" John Kerry, who is among the wealthy, non-scientists and numerous corrupt sellout politicians pedaling the Climate Change hoax everywhere they can.

The group's hypocrisy is poignant as they make their lavish global trips jumping from country to country using posh, non-efficient jets that emit the very same emissions they lecture the world about eliminating. There is no shame in their game either because nobody is holding the lies accountable.

Remember, none of Al Gore's climate change predictions ever came to fruition. He laughed all the way to the bank with a Nobel Peace Prize check he won for a slide show he put together which is now confirmed riddled with falsehoods.

Back then, Gore called it "Global Warming." But since it became obvious that was a too easily challenged claim that no longer could be messaged, the globalists had to shift messaging the racket as "Climate Change."

And there are many lies told to the world masses in order to substantiate taking our tax money and funneling it to these Climate Change causes featuring globalists (who are also brokering back-room deals, ex: insider trading of stocks, property acquisitions, jobs, etc.)

Last week, at the Patriot Rally in Georgia, President Trump made headlines after commenting about Kerry's unrelenting charge to keep climate change the main topic of discussion. We know why...because he and his globalist friends are using this hoax to usher in the New World Order's Great Reset.

Also, earlier this week, Dr. Malone announced he was coming for the World Economic Forum (WEF). This means he will release the names (via blockchain) of 4,000 individuals connected in support of the Klaus Schwab WEF scam.

So, once we know who we are dealing with, the very people who have infiltrated our government institutions to undermine the free-will of the people, perhaps we can someday hold these individuals accountable.

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