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Do We Want Tyranny or Freedom? Please watch this...and share!

Published by Sensus Fidelium : A collection of Catholic homilies, apologetic videos, & other resources to grow in the One True Faith

Recently we came across this sermon published in early January 2022 on social media. It is a very compelling rundown of where we are morally as a society right now, amid government-led psychological fear mongering, propaganda, dishonesty, and vilifying of the people the government is supposed to represent!

It is the church's right to be involved in politics, because right now many basic human rights are being violated during the pandemic and danger to the souls. That is why this priest is speaking out!

We are in a grip of an echo chamber right now...their answer is universal mandatory vaccines...the cure all that will fix all our problems.

The Covid 19 virus is real! Yes, we must find ethical solutions to the crisis. However, we see the opposite. We see unjust, irresponsible measures forced on the populous. Lies, contradictions, misrepresentations of facts, obfuscations by leaders, and certain governments purposely waged psychological war on their citizens to accept draconian measures by the government. So their campaign of fear was waged worldwide to get the populous to become docile.

Despite the fact natural immunity is superior to vaccination immunity....all must be vaccinated. The priest lays out the entire case very well and challenges the people to pursue truth over lies and fear. The time is NOW! We must urge our fellow man to wake up and open their eyes and ears.

If you read some of the responses at this post...

"Powerful. . finally someone to stand up and say what so many of the faithful have been thinking all along."

He is so right and I love this Priest a real man of God who speaks the total truth. Too bad about the traitor Priests that are saying Mass only for the vaccinated.

"Most definitely a Marine. I wish I was closer so I could go hear his message in person. Such a brave man that speaks TRUTH. So refreshing and inspiring."

Let us know what you think!

God Bless,

Larry Kaifesh

Ret. Marine Col.

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