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Ivermectin isn't the enemy, nurse exposes medical malfeasance, attorney exposes assault on military

In January, a large peer-reviewed research study was released proving that Ivermectin used as a prophylactic regularly actually reduced COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations and mortality rates.

According to the FLCC Alliance Community, researchers in Brazil conducted a study in Itajaí, a port city in the state of Santa Catarina, between July and December with 2020,223,128 citizens of Itajaí considered, a total of 159,561 subjects elected to participate: over 70% opted to take ivermectin, and 23% who chose not to.

Study authors include FLCCC physicians Dr. Flavio Cadegiani and Dr. Pierre Kory.

Lead author Dr. Lucy Kerr was approached by the mayor of Itajaí, after the city began to experience a severe outbreak of COVID.

The entire population of Itajaí was invited to participate in the program, which involved a medical visit to compile baseline, personal, demographic, and medical information. In the absence of contraindications, ivermectin was offered as a preventative treatment, to be taken for two consecutive days every 15 days at a dose of 0.2 mg/kg/day.

The study found a 44% reduction in COVID-19 infection rate in favor of the group that took ivermectin (3.5% versus 8.2%).

In cases where a participating citizen of Itajaí became ill with COVID-19, they were recommended not to use ivermectin or any other medication in early outpatient treatment. Of those who did become infected, two equal-sized, highly matched groups (one that used ivermectin as a prophylaxis and one that did not) were compared. The regular use of preventative ivermectin led to a 68% reduction in COVID-19 mortality (0.8% versus 2.6%), and a 56% reduction in hospitalization rate (1.6% versus 3.3%).

The data demonstrate that using preventative ivermectin significantly lowers the infection rate, and that benefits outweigh the speculated increased risk of changes in social behaviors.

This study published in January is being completely ignored by MSM and the politicians pushing the jab. But it further solidifies what other front-line doctors and nurses concluded the last year, that Ivermectin is not the enemy of the people. It further explains why politicians, Big Pharma, Big Tech and Corporations don't want the masses to even utter the word Ivermectin... (because it could impede on their big money-making racket), that involves selling ONLY their non-transparent (and deadly) protocol of mass vaccinations (that don't really work) and high mortality hospitalization outcomes from the highly pushed blanket protocol of Remdesivir used in those admitted to hospitals for Covid.

I urge you to review this website sharing a lot of pertinent and evolving information from the front line doctors, scientists and nurses who didn't sell their souls to Big Pharma.

Left: Riveting testimony in Washington DC in front of Senator Ron Johnson's forum from a well-qualified front line nurse Nicole. This video is worth a listen and should be shared with your loved ones.

Right: More proof emerges that there has been a direct assault on the men and women defending this country and our constitution. Please also share this video if you can.

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