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For God’s Sake, this Man Cannot Remain in Power

By Retired Marine Col. Larry Kaifesh

“For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”

~ Joe Biden referring to President Putin

The irony of this statement by Biden could not be greater! Every American loving patriot feels this way about Biden and anyone who doesn’t is either incompetent, complicit or a victim of mass formation psychosis.

Biden has spent almost 50 years in politics failing America and damaging her to a level to which she may not recover. However, he has had help along the way and today with his current handlers, Obama, Soros, Schwab, China, Russia etc.

Biden has failed consistently in everything he touches. His track record of failure is so extensive, it has become obvious that he is actually intentionally doing everything he can to destroy America.

This should not be a surprise. The entire premise of Building Back Better, with the Great Reset in mind, means the country first needs to be completely destroyed.

When the building back occurs the intent is to discard the Constitution and build it back as a Global Communist Government in the vein of the Chinese Communist Party while controlling every element of life for the miserable souls that have to live under it.

Look what Biden has intentionally devastated so far:

I. Demolished the border and has completely opened it up to drugs, terrorists and lawlessness.

II. Despicably left Afghanistan and thousands of Americans destroying American credibility around the globe.

III. Devastated our energy industry and forced the US to go back to being energy dependent over energy independent.

IV. Demanded dangerous vaccine mandates and lied when he said they were safe and effective. The science is out, not the truth, and the science and the government’s own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database shows there have been over two million killed by the experimental vaccine.

V. Supported and backed the Democrat, Defunded the Police initiative and watched crime levels soar to record levels across the country.

VI. Attacked the parents of children that were being groomed, indoctrinated and abused in the dreadful public school system.

VII. Provoked the war in the Ukraine, which could have been prevented with just assurance to President Putin that Ukraine will remain neutral.

As bad as these deliberate actions are damaging America, it gets worse. Biden has spent almost 50 years in politics serving himself and his family at the expense of the country and constituents.

As Peter Schweizer said in his book Profiles in Corruption, published in 2020, Biden has run his entire family like a crime syndicate. Tony Bobulinski said it best when he stated, “I think Joe Biden and the Biden family are Compromised.”

The worst part is he is selling out the country to America’s greatest adversaries, like China who want to destroy America! We know the Biden’s have taken at least $31 million from the Chinese, over $3.5 million from the Russians and were receiving over $1 million a year from Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company before Joe left office as the Vice President.

We learn more this week from Senator Grassly and Senator Johnson when they shared the receipts of a transaction capturing a $100,000 check being sent to Hunter Biden’s lawyers which was then forwarded directly to Hunter’s account, from a Chinese oligarch with deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new. It has been made crystal clear for all whose eyes are open that the Biden family is corrupt, they are compromised by some of the most lethal regimes on the planet and WE the American people are told to look the other way, as the Attorney General tries to provide a smoke screen.

Where are the rest of the 48 Senators and 435 Members of Congress? Where is our Special Counsel to investigate? Where are our military leaders? Where are our patriots?

Biden’s actions we know of, which is the tip of the iceberg, are treasonous, it's time we look below the surface and ensure justice!

Quote of the Day

“Delay of Justice is Injustice."

~ Walter Savage Lindor

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