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The Worst Part of Biden’s Afghanistan Debacle is not What he did, but Why

Updated: Aug 16, 2022


Ret. Marine Col. Larry Kaifesh

The worst part of Biden’s Afghanistan debacle is not so much what he did; recklessly pull out of Afghanistan without any thoughtful planning, abandon Americans and allies leading to their deaths, allow countless tortuous murders by the Taliban, humiliate America and the military, and strip away any credibility as an ally around the globe, but why he did what he did. Tony Bobulinsky, the businessman who set the deals up between Hunter Biden on behalf of the Biden Family and the Chinese, has the answer and said it best when he stated:


Tony Bobulinsky risked his life by coming out in the open to tell the world what should be of utmost importance to anyone who cares about America’s survival and global stability. That Joe Biden, having taken millions from the Chinese, was compromised and had obligations to a country whose number one priority is to destroy America.

Tony Bobulinski had firsthand experience and intimate knowledge that Joe Biden was compromised, and he had the emails, mobile phones, laptops and voicemail messages all confirming this fact! As disturbing as this information was, it was buried and suppressed and once again, justice was stolen from the American people.

Every single American, regardless of position, should be outraged by the fact that Biden is compromised by China and it is being ignored. Where are our Representatives, where is the FBI, where is there any form of justice in securing our Nation from Biden obligated to the Chinese?

It should be clear to everyone that Biden did not need to pull us out of Afghanistan when he did and how he did, so why did he do it? Biden pulled out of Afghanistan because he was told to pull out. Biden was told to pull out by the Chinese and they even told him when and how he should do it.

Biden is so indebted to the Chinese, he did exactly what he was told. The Chinese wanted America humiliated as a nation and military force, they wanted America to lose all credibility with its allies around the world and they wanted to fill the void left by America in Afghanistan. The Chinese got what they wanted and gained strength while America, because of Biden, is now one step closer to ruin.

The orders given to Biden by the Chinese, is all part of the One Belt One Road Initiative they are using to expand their influence and control around the globe. With America out of their way, the Chinese can begin raping Afghanistan through a massive mining effort of lithium and other precious minerals.

“Afghanistan may become the “Saudi Arabia of lithium,” the New York Times in 2010, quoted an internal Pentagon memo as saying.” It is no coincidence that one of the first things Biden did when he got into the White House, was push an ambitious goal to have half of all new vehicles sold in the U.S. by 2030, be electric.

These electric cars have lithium batteries, and the Chinese are in position to profit immensely, all at the expense of America and with thanks to Joe Biden. Biden pushed this massive swing towards electric cars when America was a net total energy exporter and producing more energy than any other country on the planet!

In regard to Afghanistan, no credible person in a National Security role believed the Afghan Government was going to be able to stand on its own, even for a short time. When we first went there, we went to rid the world of the likes of Osama Bind Laden (OBL) and the Al Qaeda members responsible for 9-11, under the safe haven provided by the Taliban.

We did that and the mission evolved into a Nation Building type mission. However, it was recognized early on, that it was a futile effort. In blunt words made famous by an old Olympic Champion wrestler, Doug Blubaugh, “you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit.”

In other words, don’t expect much building to take place in a country with an 85% illiteracy rate and significant drug and corruption problem. Since 2014, the number of American troops dropped significantly and has bounced around 10k and periodically dropped to half that number.

The mission morphed into a counter-terrorism initiative where the military was focusing on monitoring, assessing and influencing what was going on in Afghanistan by providing intelligence, air power and when needed, support on high value targets.

Pulling out of Afghanistan will be a disaster on multiple fronts. Not only are we allowing China free access to exploit Afghanistan to our demise, but we must never forget how 9-11 came about.

The seeds of 9-11 were planted the last time we left Afghanistan. Back in 1980-1988, the Russians were in Afghanistan. President Reagan was in the White House and it was his goal to dismantle the Soviet Union. President Reagan had a lot of success in the Arms Race where the Soviets were trying to compete but did not have the economic engine of the United States and was falling behind.

To make matters worse for the Soviets, President Reagan was pushing heat seeking Stinger Missiles into Afghanistan to be used by the Mujahedeen, in order to bleed the Soviets, dry on the battlefield. It worked and shortly after the Soviets pulled out of Afghanistan in 1988, so did the Americans.

It was a mistake to pull out of Afghanistan at that time, for by doing so, again, we created a leadership vacuum which was filled by the Taliban, who ultimately provided safe haven to the unemployed Mujahedeen, which OBL was supporting. After the pullout of the Soviets and Americans, OBL formed Al Qaeda in the mountains of Northern Afghanistan where ultimately, they came up with the plan to attack the number one superpower, the United States, since they had just defeated the second largest superpower at the time, the Soviet Union, mostly due to the support of the United States, which they ignore.

The planning continued and the results of their plans materialized on 11 September 2001. Pulling out completely, will almost certainly result in another planned attack, especially after the way we pulled out, which the Taliban views as a tremendous victory and not the capitulation of Biden who has conceded to China and is supporting their interests!

There was no reason to pull out and it would not be a taxing effort to have a small force of a few thousand troops to continue to monitor, asses and influence this very unstable country.

Biden is a guy who has been in politics for over 50 years and has accumulated great wealth beyond his salary. Where did this wealth come from? Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute and senior contributor at Breitbart News, explained how Joe Biden’s family members — dubbed the Biden Five — monetized political connections and influence in his book titled, “Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite.”

In this exceptionally well researched book, Peter reveals, indisputable evidence that Joe Biden is running a crime-like syndicate where he is, if nothing else, enabling his family members to get rich, without really any noticeable skill, by selling out his country to the highest bidder, without care of the consequences, such as the deaths of our heroes in Afghanistan and standing of America.

One example of this complete sell out of the country for family gain can be found when Hunter Biden joined his father aboard Air Force Two in December of 2013 on a flight to China.

Ten days later, he secured over $1 billion in financing from the state-run Bank of China for a newly launched private equity firm he co-founded. Schweizer in his book explains, “Before Joe Biden becomes vice president of the United States, Hunter is a lobbyist for online gambling companies in Europe.”

That’s what he’s doing, besides drugs, hookers and blow, to which the Chinese most certainly have great detail to use for blackmail. Once his dad becomes vice president of the United States, he suddenly starts doing a whole host of global deals beginning with China.

We are witnessing the tyrannical destruction of America, by Biden and the like who have echoed Obama’s desire to Fundamentally Transform America. The transformation they are seeking requires the destruction of America as we know it, so that they can rebuild it into the communist hell hole of their dreams, where one small party controls all and everyone else suffers accordingly.

What happened in Afghanistan was terrible and should have never happened, however, what is taking place here at home with the forced vaccine that has killed tens of thousands, is going to be astronomically worse!

Be forewarned, there will be more tyranny, which will likely include CDC Shielding Camps and a grab for our weapons! Maintain a close eye on the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) which as of 23 Aug 21 has reported 13,911 deaths from the vaccine, which according to the website, is only 1% of the actual number!

May God Bless You, our Troops and America, Now more than Ever!

Larry Kaifesh is a retired Marine Colonel with seven combat tours to the Middle East to include two to Afghanistan! He was an Infantry Officer first and foremost, but also had additional Military Occupational Specialties in Intelligence and Civil Affairs Operations. Colonel Kaifesh ran for U.S. Congress in 2014 against Tammy Duckworth for the IL-08 District.

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