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Social Media Censors Insurance Study, Video Testimony of Data Showing 'Unexplained' Surge in Deaths

The Constitutional Colonel received video testimony by Steve Kirsch and screen shots of a social media site called Occupy Republicans that show how Facebook immediately took down the video due to "false information about COVID-19."

However, if you watch the Kirsch video testimony, he clearly doesn't talk about "COVID-19." The Kirsch testimony is disclosing the disturbing insurance industry data accumulated that details the mounting death numbers in the last year.

This is information that Facebook is compelled to hide from the public because it puts Big Pharma on the spotlight. And we all know Facebook is taking big Ad money from the vaccine makers. See how this works?

They dub this information "false information," yet provide no proof of it being false. They state they removed the post because they don't allow false information about the safety or side effects of COVID-19 vaccines.

This censorship is only one example of how Facebook is controlling very pertinent data and information with an objective of keeping the masses under-informed, while helping Big Pharma with their objective to continue to avoid scrutiny of their experimental vaccines. This keeps the market for vaccine boosters booming, and we all know that means more money for Big Pharma (at the expense of people's lives.)

Republicans years ago in the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly against Obamacare, which is essentially the launch of socialized medicine. The party saw the writing on the wall, how socialized medicine would drive up costs of premiums, how health care would fall below substandard levels, and how medical innovation would be compromised and reduced. They knew once it passed, you could never get rid of it either.

Today, Obamacare is still "touted," but it has not been successful at the elimination of the competitive healthcare market, (which is what the Democrats ultimately wanted-Universal Healthcare.)

Most freedom loving people understand why it is very important to keep our medical and health care out of the hands of bureaucrats and government.

In fact, many can clearly see that if we actually had succeeded in eliminating the health insurance industry entirely, eradicating the health insurance competitive industry as we know it and creating government run health care for all, we would have certainly saw the entire American population force vaccinated.

Our health care rights across the board would have been completely decimated, and every single person, would have become subjected to taking the experimental vaccine under the guise of "saving lives."

Although the government and democrats like to attack the health insurance market, many people don't realize that providers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield actually serve a very important purpose of auditing costs by health care providers, keeping costs down, searching for fraud, and negotiating on behalf of their customers.

These providers also accumulate very important patient and medical data too. And we expect that data, as the months and years pass, will become crucial in seeing exactly the damage and destruction Big Pharma colluding with our government and Big Tech has done to the people.

The awakening of the people is continually occurring as new data emerges and slowly seeps out. However, it is now up to the awakened people to get the data and information out to one another, because it is clear that Big Tech and social media arms now work for the government and Big Pharma. Perhaps THEY ARE THE ONES THAT NEED TO BE FACT CHECKED FOREVER. This collusion is real and damaging society unlike anything we have ever seen before. That is why Steve Kirsch is speaking out.

To find out more about the work Steve Kirsch is doing getting the word out, please visit his newsletter link: Unprecedented: Deaths in Indiana for ages 18-64 are up 40% (

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