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The Malfeasance of Fauci

“Dr. McCullough gives us a stark and clear summary: “Remdesivir has two problems. First, it doesn’t work. Second, it is toxic, and it kills people.”

Situation Report: February 21, 2022

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. did a tremendous job with his book, “The Real Anthony Fauci.” It is filled with extensive research on everything related to the virus. I found the following information on remdesivir, particularly concerning and relevant, especially considering Dr. Anthony Fauci has pushed this treatment from the beginning even though he knew it killed and did not work. Consider the following excerpt:

“Compare ivermectin’s safety record to Dr. Fauci’s two chosen COVID remedies, remdesivir (which hospital nurses have dubbed “Run-death-is-near”), and the COVID vaccines. Over 30 years, ivermectin has been associated with only 379 reported deaths, an impressive death/dose reporting ratio of 1/10,548,408. In contrast, over the 18 months since remdesivir received an EUA about 1.5 million patients have received remdesivir with 1,449 deaths reported (a dire 1/1,1000 D/D ratio).
Meanwhile, among recipients of COVID jabs in the US during the ten months following their rollout, some 17,000 deaths have occurred following vaccination, a reported D/D ratio of 1/13,250. Ivermectin, therefore, is thousands of times safer than remdesivir and COVID vaccines. The science also indicates that it is far more effective than either.”

It is important to know that NIAID and CDC spent $79.0 million dollars developing remdesivir for Gilead, a company in which the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations owns a $6.5 million stake.

In 2018, Gilead entered remdesivir in a NIAID-funded clinical trial against Ebola in Africa. In total there were four drugs being tested, remdesivir, ZMapp (another drug Fauci incubated at NIAID), and two monoclonal antibody drugs.

Researchers planned to administer all four drugs to Ebola patients across Africa over a period of four to eight months. However, six months into the Ebola study, the trial’s Safety Review Board suddenly pulled both remdesivir and ZMapp from the trial. Remdesivir, it turned out, was hideously dangerous.

Within 28 days subjects taking remdesivir had lethal side effects including multiple organ failure, acute kidney failure, septic shock and hypotension, and 54 percent of the remdesivir group died – the highest mortality rate among the four experimental drugs. Fauci’s drug, ZMapp had the second highest mortality rate at 44 percent.

NIAID was the lead in funding this study and the researchers published the news on the lethality of remdesivir in the New England Journal of Medicine in December 2019. Shortly afterwards, COVID was recognized in the states having come from China. Knowing the lethality of remdesivir, Fauci announced with great vigor that he was enrolling hospitalized patients with COVID, in a clinical trial to study remdesivir’s efficacy.

Fauci later learned that The Lancet had just published a placebo-controlled Chinese study that showed remdesivir utterly ineffective at keeping hospitalized patients alive or reducing the duration of hospitalizations. Even more importantly, remdesivir did not reduce the presence of the virus in the blood. Worse of all, he Chinese study confirmed remdesivir’s deadly toxicity.

The fraud of Fauci is extensive but the motivation, uncertain. If we are lucky, it is pure greed, if we are not, it is based on delivering death, a lot of death and the count has only just begun. It is imperative we get to the truth and fast, countless lives are dependent upon it!

Quote of the Day

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those that watch them without doing anything."

~Albert Einstein

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