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The Key to Freedom, Eliminate Propaganda!

My Dear Fellow Americans,

I am writing to you today to share with you the key to ending the madness and getting our freedoms back! I cannot emphasize enough how dangerous the lies, deceit and manipulation is, which is being

pushed on us by the propaganda arm of a very evil and elite global conglomeration (globalists).

This very destructive propaganda arm is the corporate mainstream media (MSM). The MSM for years have pushed very dangerous lies designed to divide us, weaken us, and make WE the people easier to control. Please hear me out. Cut the MSM out of your life ridding yourself of the lies, deceit and manipulation and watch how your life improves.

The media is supposed to hold the government and those in power accountable, not be an accomplice to nefarious government intentions. It should be clear, the MSM has been bought out by the highest bidder, (that being the globalists,) which include the political left, big tech, big pharma and big corporations.

The MSM is pushing their poison which is and will continue to have devastating effects on our lives, liberties and our ability to pursue happiness. Look at the last two years, where they have picked up their efforts and are about to go all in.

The incredible and honorable Victor Davis Hanson once said it best, “Truth and Transparency are the fuel for a civilized society, and without it society will grind to a halt.”

It is the lack of trust in one’s government that has destroyed civilizations from the Roman Empire to the Soviet Union, not global warming, cooling, a pandemic or enemies at the gate!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are grinding our society to a halt and are on the verge of destroying our civilization because of the lies, deceit and manipulation being pushed to us through the compromised and unprincipled MSM. We need to listen to Nancy Reagan, God Rest her Soul, when she said Just Say No!

WE need to all say No to the MSM. Below are just a couple samples of some of their most destructive lies:

Russian Collusion:

This lie went on for almost three years and cost the American Tax Payers upwards of $40 million in investigations, (not including lawyer fees incurred by those falsely accused) and all to be proven categorically false.

It was so bad, that “from the earliest days of the collusion narrative, (Ca-D) Rep. Adam Schiff dishonestly insisted that he had evidence pro the plot. In March 2017 during a segment on MSNBC, Rep. Schiff teased the American people that he couldn’t “…go into particulars, but there is more than circumstantial evidence now.”

Then it grew to new disgusting heights when we learned that the former CIA Director James Woolsey, disgraced CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, (both of whom ARE PROVEN to have lied under oath to Congress), all worked in unison to essentially commit treason by framing President Trump with this completely made-up accusation.

Hillary Clinton, who led the charge of the phony Russian collusion story her campaign concocted to get the media to stop reporting on her email scandal that was under investigation by the FBI during the 2016 election season. Clinton and her campaign has been proven this year to be guilty of actually colluding with "Russians."

Read about the Uranium One deals brokered during her stint as Secretary of State. The Clinton Foundation, while she was a big political power player, was flush with cash from foreign countries and oligarchs. This is a proven fact that was uncovered after she lost her bid for President, and we noticeably saw that the Clinton Foundation donations plunged significantly.

Jan 6, 2021 Dubbed as “Insurrection”:

First, the FBI has been forced to admit there was no evidence supporting the claim that the protest was an organized coup or “insurrection.” There were no firearms found on any of the protestors. One person killed by capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd was Ashley Babbitt, an unarmed, patriotic, Airforce veteran of 14 years.

We know Jason Sullivan, an ANTIFA activist was there as an agitator and he was not alone. We also know he was behind Ashley

Babbitt when she was shot and killed, and that he filmed the protest, which he then sold to CNN and NBC.

The FBI has not answered the questions as to how many agents were there covertly among the crowd goers. Ray Epps was uncovered as directing the crowd and encouraging people to go into the Capitol, in what appears to be an consorted effort to entrap crowd goers.

The FBI has pictures of him and knows his identity, but has not apprehended him. All the while, numerous protestors/trespassers/rioters are still in custody being held in solitary, no bail and some without charges. The mass solitary confinement means the prisoners, denied due process rights, are confined to their jail cells 22 hours per day and can’t go outside. And the people directing this egregious act are doing this under the guise of a COVID-19 order as “mass solitary confinement, which also has impeded their ability to meet with lawyers in some cases.

What are “trespassing” charges? Essentially, those being held are accused of entering or remaining in restricted grounds without authority to conspiracy, assault and obstruction of an official proceeding. This is countered by opposition who have advocated for all the 14,000 hours of video footage collected from the day to be viewed because that evidence clearly shows another story of entrapment, including “authority” ushering people into the capitol and opening doors in some cases.

(Ga.-R) Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who visited the prison, said the government is "abusing," torturing, and committing "human rights abuses" against the inmates. In fact, after several Republican elected officials viewed the conditions of the Washington DC facilities where detainees are held, and demanded Marshals’ inspect the facilities. This prompted federal officials to move about 400 other inmates out of a secondary jail building after their inspection found conditions did not meet minimum standards. They were transferred to a facility in Pennsylvania, according to the AP News.

In November 2021, Christopher Geldart, Washington’s deputy mayor for public safety and justice, reportedly said to The AP News the allegations made by federal officials “are deeply concerning,” even as local officials work to repair the aging jail. He said city officials were working with the federal government to obtain the Marshals Service’s full report and have also asked for a copy of a recent inspection by the jail’s independent oversight body as well.

“We take seriously the responsibility of caring for justice-involved DC residents and believe they should remain in DC,” he said. “DOC leadership is evaluating moving inmates within the facility so that issues raised can be addressed efficiently and expeditiously.”

Some House Representatives have publicly claimed after visiting the detainees that the inmates are facing conditions worse than those faced by the "terrorists" detained in Guantanamo Bay.

The 2020 Election "most secure in history”: False. Under the guise of Covid-19 pandemic, state election laws were usurped in many areas of the country, including both red and blue states. Since the election, we know now through canvassing and examination of data and affidavits that election fraud occurred in the high populous blue counties in swing states that moved the needle for the Biden campaign.

We now know over the last year as evidence that has piled in include:

  • -Over a thousand affidavits reporting fraud

  • -Five swing states having stopped counting on the night of the election

  • -Four states contesting the outcome of the elections

  • -Testimony of truck drivers moving pallets of pristine ballots from New York to Pennsylvania

  • -People caught pulling suitcases of ballots out from under tables to run them through the machines multiple times, which was caught on camera

  • -Ballots found in the trash for President Trump

How could anyone intellectually honest claim that the 2020 elections was secure, knowing that a significant preponderance of evidence of fraud occurred, and without doing a legitimate forensic audit on the states that stopped counting early and contested their votes? There is significantly more data depicting fraud and impossible statistics of batches of votes and their distribution between the candidates. However, it has predominately been completely ignored due to the actions of the MSM pushing the propaganda of the globalist. In fact, anyone calling for audits is dubbed a conspiracy theorist by the talking heads on MSM, and anyone alleging election fraud in investigative articles is censored on many social media platforms.

The America First Doctrine of President Trump went totally against the desires of the globalists and they were going to do everything they could to destroy the populist 2020 candidate President Trump, to ensure he was a one-term President.

Every American should want a fair election, for if we don’t have that, we have nothing. There is no Republic, or no “Democracy, like the pundits like to preach about for political expediency.” Having fair elections is paramount for the people of a free country to maintain faith in government that those they actually elected were elected by the people for the people. Polling reported in November 2021 revealed that more than 40% in the U.S. do not believe Biden legitimately won the election. Another poll showed that overall 70% respondents agree that the country is in crisis and risk of failing.

After a year of action by grassroots election integrity activists on the ground in high populous blue or red counties in swing states canvassing and auditing, more evidence exists that election fraud occurred in Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona and Pennsylvania. It’s no longer preponderance of the evidence, it is inculpable evidence that election crimes were committed.

And despite the canvassing and auditing results, which includes a criminal investigation occurring by the Arizona Attorney General, the MSM propagandists refuse to do actual watch dog investigative reporting on the fraud evidence uncovered.

Most importantly, it should not be a surprise to anyone that the lies mentioned and given air-time by the MSM politically bias talking heads all tend to target President Trump, his populist supporters, and the America First Agenda, which is in complete opposition to the globalists’ desire for a one-world government that looks more like China’s instead of America’s. Those outside of the ruling class, live life in an oppressed servitude manner. In other words, it is hell on earth.

The Vaccine is Safe and Effective: This is a deliberate and well concocted lie with critical consequences, that include your health and life.

We know the experimental shot being pushed by this administration kills. We know this from the government funded Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). In fact we learned last week that in the 31-year history of VAERS, there are 9,248 reports of fatalities following all other vaccines ever created and combined. Since the start of the coronavirus vaccine campaign there have been 21,002 reports of death following coronavirus vaccines.

The number of deaths is reported on the website to be only 1% of the real number due to under reporting, and this is just the tip of the iceberg! Any source that does not share the risks of any drug or vaccine, especially an experimental vaccine is conducting malfeasance and breaking the law. I would imagine very few have heard of VAERS even though it should be as popular and reported on as much as the experimental shot. It should also be noted through the studies of Israel, likely the most vaccinated country on the planet that the experimental shots don’t work as they have a record number of COVID-19 break through cases. (R-WI) Sen. Ron Johnson held a mostly ignored panel discussion on June 28, 2021 with numerous victims suffering from horrible side effects of the vaccination. (Watch that video here.)

This is just a small example of the radical and deliberate lies being pushed by the MSM. Any source that has shared with you these lies, have destroyed their credibility and should never be listened to again. I can’t emphasize with you enough to stop listening to the propaganda of the MSM being pushed by the globalists, whose desires are in direct conflict with our lives, liberty and ability to pursue happiness!

Please stop listening to the MSM which includes CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, minus the opinion page, The Washington Post and any other source that has not shared with you information on VAERS or has been negligent in lack of scrutiny of the highly suspect 2020 Election irregularities.

I strongly encourage you to listen to credible people like Dr. Peter McCullough regarding the virus, Peter Navarro regarding the election, Archbishop Vigano on the globalists, Victor Davis Hanson on what is happening to our world and sources like One American News, Newsmax and the EPOCH Times. They have demonstrated their commitment to truth and transparency.

Because these sources are truthful and push transparency, they are being attacked by the globalists, who want to control us through their propaganda – DON’T LET THEM! Our window is small and they have done significant brain washing damage to our citizens and worldwide. It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to push back and demand Truth and Transparency and get our society thriving again!

God Bless you, our troops and the United States of America!

Larry Kaifesh

Colonel, USMC (ret.)

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