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WAYNE ROOT: Open Border Catastrophe is the Cloward-Piven Plan to Destroy America That I Learned at Columbia University – Alongside My Classmate Barack Obama

Many are well familiar with this plan, but this is for those who are not ... please share accordingly.

I believe most of us have had an experience, where we meet someone new and politics comes up. Universally, everyone is upset about inflation, the economy, the open border, the lawlessness in our cities, the fentanyl crisis killing over a hundred thousand people a year and the law fare that is blatant and destructive.

The more critical thinking people, realize the shot that was mandated a couple years ago has harmed and killed tens of millions around the world and the CDC vaccine schedule is making all our children ill. They even realize both of the wars in Ukraine and Gaza have been completely provoked and promoted to cause global chaos and to fund the military industrial complex and corrupt politicians that benefit from war.

When the subject naturally transitions as to why this is all happening, this is where things change. We critical thinking patriots, know this is all being done by the globalists manipulating Biden through Obama to destroy America for a one world government. The facts and data are overwhelming, outside of globalist owned corporate media.

When we make the obvious statement, we need to ensure President Trump gets back in office, in order to Make America Great Again, they respond with something like, I don’t like him. Most of the time, they can’t even tell you why, or if they do, will say something like, well he’s a womanizer or a liar but can’t name one lie.

These poor people don’t even realize they’ve been victims of a highly destructive and psychological propaganda campaign and can no longer tell the difference between lies and the truth. Of course, they have been pumped with lies for decades, watching corporate media, reading local papers, manipulated movies, music and messaging. These non-critical thinkers have just taken every poison idea pumped into their heads as truths.

Most are waking up, but many still remain hostages to the lies and propaganda. The piece below by Wayne Allyn Root is excellent, especially for those who are still sick from the propaganda poison that has been pumped into them for decades.

Please share far and wide to help further wake America Up. Respectfully.

By Wayne Allyn Root

This open border disaster is not a “Johnny-come-lately” story. It is a plan that was created many decades ago by leftist radicals intent on destroying America.

I should know. I was there. I am a witness.

I am a blue collar S.O.B. (son of a butcher) from the wrong side of the tracks- a poor majority-black town on the Bronx borderline. I attended almost all black middle school and high school in Mt Vernon, New York. After I graduated Valedictorian, I was accepted at prestigious Ivy League Columbia University.

Columbia University was filled with spoiled-brat, “Lucky Sperm Club,” privileged white kids who were obsessed with hatred for America. These radical nutjobs bragged about being communists and Marxists. They bragged about their hatred of white people (even though they were white themselves). They bragged about hating rich people (even though they were from rich families themselves).

This was one gigantic guilt trip. My classmates hated themselves, their country, their parents, their wealth, and most of all- their whiteness.

They talked all day long about their plans to bring America down; destroy the economy; bankrupt white businessmen; and create “equality and fairness” by turning America into a socialist/Marxist/communist country.

It’s important to note that one of my classmates at Columbia was Barack Obama.

My classmate Barack Obama and I graduated on the same day in Spring of 1983. This very month is the 40th anniversary of our Columbia graduation.

These Columbia University radicals (and traitors) had a plan named Cloward-Piven. It was named after two Columbia University professors- the husband-and-wife team of Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven.

The plan was actually simple- get everyone possible in America on welfare, food stamps and a hundred other government welfare programs. Get so many on the government dole that the economy is overwhelmed, destroyed and collapses under the weight of the exploding national debt.

Basically, America goes bankrupt.

At this point, Americans would be in so much pain and so frightened, they would beg government to save them. And that is how they would “fundamentally change America forever.” Remember those words? They came out of the mouth of Barack Obama. He learned those words and this plan at Columbia.

Because of the collapse of the economy and society, Cloward and Piven believed America would be ready for socialism- bailouts, a permanent welfare state, and a monthly universal income check.

The goal? Equality, equity, social justice. Recognize those words? Everyone would be in the same boat- dependent on Big Brother for survival.

Look around. It’s all happening right now

Except Cloward-Piven has been updated. It’s now 100% about the border. If you can’t get everyone in America on welfare to explode the debt, overwhelm the economy and collapse the country, open the border and invite the whole world in.

The world is filled with such terrible, miserable poverty, Americans can’t even imagine it. The poor in America are rich, compared to the rest of the world. And that is why the whole world is coming. They know the border is open. The whole Africa is coming. The whole Middle East is coming. China is sending millions of military age males. Haiti is coming. Latin America is coming. Prisons are being emptied. An invasion of America is underway.

If you were poor…if you were starving…if you had nothing…if you were a criminal…if you were sick…if you were pregnant…if you had ten kids…if you were a child with no future…wouldn’t you come to America?

They all know the border is open. They know they get free money, and all kinds of welfare checks, cell phones, plane tickets wherever they want to go, free legal help, free school and free medical. Wouldn’t you come?

What if a hundred million come? What if a half billion come? What if a billion come? There is nothing stopping them.

They will tip us into mass poverty, crisis, anarchy, a crime wave you can’t even imagine. They will bring disease. The schools and healthcare systems will collapse. The national debt will explode, the budget will be overwhelmed, the economy will collapse.

This is Cloward-Piven updated for 2023.

It all happened because Democrats (ie socialists, Marxists and communists) rigged and stole a presidential election. Then they banned even the mention of rigged and stolen elections- with the full cooperation of mainstream media and social media.

For the next two years they opened the border to let millions in. Now they’ve managed to end Title 42 for the final explosion that ends America and American exceptionalism forever.

Trust me, a brain-dead zombie puppet with diapers and dementia is not the brains behind this brilliant plan.

This is the Cloward-Piven plan that I learned at Columbia. And the man carrying it all out to perfection is the real President of the United States- Barack Obama. He is back for his third term to finish the job he started- to “fundamentally change America forever.”

And I would not be surprised if the next phase of the plan is to replace corrupt, mentally-failing Joe Biden with Michelle Obama in 2024. That would be Obama’s 4th term.

And the official end of America.

Wayne Allyn Root is known as “the Conservative Warrior.” Watch Wayne’s TV shows- “America’s Top Ten Countdown” on Real America’s Voice TV Network on Saturdays at Noon ET…and Wayne’s daily TV show on Lindell TV 2 at 7 pm ET at He is also host of the nationally-syndicated “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” on USA Audio Network, daily at 6 pm ET. Wayne’s latest book is out now, “The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book.” You can order here:

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