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A Perfect Example of Predictive Programming

Let's explore Predictive Programming, where the evil globalists in our own government use media, movies and books to show what they are going to to do in advance, so the population is more accepting of the events when they finally occur in the future.

The Netflix Movie, LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND is a perfect example. Here there is a cyber attack that shuts down satellites and computer networks across the globe terminating communication through satellite phones, cell phones and emails, essentially leaving the population unable to communicate, in an information blackout. In the movie, planes crash in the ocean, tankers beach themselves, electric self driving cars pile up on the highways, animals behave strangely and foreign forces bomb the cities.

Klaus Schwab has talked about a potential cyber attack which would make COVID -19 look like child's play. In the movie they imply the attacks are brought on by foreign forces, but let's be real, if this happens, the attacks will be initiated internally. We have seen the destruction of the Obama Controlled Biden White House, where the border is left open for invasion, reckless spending is destroying the dollar and the economy, while setting record inflation, the attacks on justice and soft on crime tactics have made our inner cities lawless hell holes, and of course we have seen the devastating attacks on our children through the trans movement, CRT and over sexualizing.

Remember, the same evil globalists that lied about the narrative of the 9-11 inside job, are the same bastards pushing this next attack.

Please watch the movie, plan accordingly, and share truth, as the globalists cant survive the truth!

Imagine a world with no globalists :)

Link on the movie is below:

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