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A Vietnam Veteran and National Treasure Shares Some Thoughts

I had the opportunity to sit down with John Schwan this Thanksgiving weekend to talk to him about his new book coming out called, THE REAL REASON. This is not an autobiography, but a book John wanted to share to promote the values and the attitude of America that made America great!

John mentions the top three ideas he wants readers to take away from the book and he starts with first; that America is the Greatest Country in the history of the world, secondly, that anyone in this country can still do anything, and thirdly, God. John believes God is imperative to living a good life and one of service, which epitomizes John and the way he has lived, fighting for and serving others.

John is a national treasure and American hero. His military awards include multiple Bronze Stars with the "V" distinguishing device for Valor in combat, the Purple Heart and numerous others. John is an active investor, philanthropist, business man having started many companies and small business and sits on the board of multiple veteran's organizations to include the Allen Lynch Foundation.

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