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Biden’s List of Lies Shared While Looking for His Soul

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

1 September 2022 By Larry Kaifesh,

Colonel, USMC ret.

Watching Biden's speech (Sep. 1), I could not stop thinking how hellish it looked with the wicked and ominous red lighting on the backdrop and Biden spewing evil from a pulpit in a demonic fashion. It was disturbing, every word of it.

On every issue, he lied and blamed his political opponent President Trump, and all of us who support Making America Great Again, for the tyranny he is promoting as he seeks to destroy America for his fascist’s goals!

There were two positives throughout the speech; first, you could hear a couple of different men yelling from afar, “F Joe Biden,” and “Let’s Go Brandon.” It was truly music to the ear.

Secondly, also in the background was the continued sound of sirens going off as Philadelphia, a stark reminder of Biden and the Democrat Party's attack on law enforcement and their de-fund police efforts that turned it into a mecca for murder. Way to go Joe.

A few additional bullets follow:

- He talked about the importance of self-government and independence. But did he provide self-government and independence when he forcefully and unconstitutionally mandated people to take a jab known to kill, and to wear masks we know don’t work, and forced isolation also known from day one would not make a difference?

- He used the term "democracy" several dozen times, but America is a Constitutional Republic. His word choice was deliberate, just as it has been for all the Democrats using the word democracy over Constitutional Republic, as they seek mob rule over responsible representation.

- He said "...democracy is under assault," but it is he with his fellow globalists who wish to fundamentally transform America by destroying it first, in order to build it back better in their vision of a global communist dystopia.

- He labeled Make America Great Again followers extreme. However, how can people who love God, Country and the Constitution be extreme, when it is Biden and the globalists pushing a democide at home through a lethal jab, transgenderism on children, socialist indoctrination in our schools, de-funding of the police, and opening the borders completely to change the demographics?

- He called Make America Great Again followers a threat. But it is he, Biden, who is owned by the Chinese whom he (and his family) took millions from. There is no greater threat to a country than to have the so-called person in charge, selling out the country for personal gain. Everyone with a pulse knows he is a traitor and because of mass formation psychosis, the people just go along. It is time to wake up these slumbering zombies, walking directly into the slaughterhouse.

- He referenced election deniers multiple times. Again, just as anyone with a pulse knows he is a traitor, we also know he did not win an election, nor had he received a legit 81 million votes. The data and reports are extensive, even if a judge will not look at them. All this says is the election system is rotten to the core. If Biden truly wanted to convince the people he actually won the election, then he would have put a fraction of the effort he and his people put into the Jan 6 hearing into proving it was a fair election. The American people deserve that. Instead, he with his globalists' support, have given corporate media talking points and has social media censoring anything about election, lethal jabs or climate change as a hoax. This is communism.

- He talked about giving the people the right to choose. However, were we the people given the right to choose on the jab, masks or lockdowns? Everything democrats have done has been antithetical to liberty.

- He mentioned the right to privacy being taken away by the people who support Making America Great Again. But it is he and his globalist cronies who are creating a digital concentration camp on we the people designed to control every aspect of our lives.

- He went on to say that people who support Making America Great Again will fan flames of political violence. But it is he who was mentioned multiple times saying that he would use f-15s to attack Second Amendment owners who only have guns.

- He said there was a mob on Jan 6 that attacked the police. However, the fact is the only people that died on that day from "attacks" were two innocent people who supported Make America Great Again. Ashley Babbit, a petite unarmed woman and Air Force Veteran was shot in the throat by an undisciplined Capitol Hill Police Officer and the other was Rosanne Boyland, a woman who was caught on body cam being bludgeoned by a Capitol police officer. Their families have yet to see justice.

- He used the words honesty and decency. I thought, " the honesty he has shared in public comments asserting he never talked to his son Hunter about his business dealings, and he did not know anything about the Mar-a-Lago raid?" As for decency, does he mean like when he inappropriately showered with his own daughter and had such an impact on her, she wrote about the memory in her diary, citing that the incident was wrong and likely contributed to her sex addiction.

- He said violence can never be the answer. It is clear, he knows he is pushing tyranny. Our Founding Fathers made it clear in the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence, “…that whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness.” It appears Biden’s conscience is not completely deteriorated.

- He emphasized the rule of law, but let’s be real. If America today was pushing the rule of law, the big guy (Joe Biden), Hunter, his family, Hillary Clinton and numerous other proven bad actors would be in jail.

- He was very upset that people with a pulse no longer trust the FBI, but ignored the fact that he has turned the FBI and most every other agency and department into a weapon against his political opponents like President Trump (i.e. Mar-a-Lago) and those that support Making America Great Again.

- He stated, "...America is about to take off?" Take off from what? A recession, record inflation, destroyed economy, reckless spending, lawlessness, open borders, weaponizing of the federal government? Come on man, get a clue!

- He bragged about infrastructure. But it is obviously just a scam to push money to the sham Green New Deal racket, which will further destroy our economy and hurt the American people. The initiative also has very little credibility being touted by the socialists and globalists who continually advocated for destroying America.

- He also bragged about the biggest climate initiative spending, only problem is that Climate Change is a Hoax!

- He tried to take credit for dealing with COVID. But if he had his way, and we the people did not push back on their non-sense, we would still be in a lock down situation, getting lethally jabbed repeatedly and still wearing ridiculous masks that don’t work.

- He said we are going to increase made in America. But he just pulled out of Afghanistan so that the Chinese could rape the countryside of rare earth minerals used in the construction of car batteries "Made in China." Come again?

- He again mentioned White Supremacists but has yet to show one or name one. It should be clear, he is referring to people who love God, Country and the Constitution, in other words, those pesky people who want to Make America Great Again!

Truly this was a painful experience and so disappointing. Biden is the real fascist doing everything he can to destroy the country we love and there are others, due to mass formation psychosis who are going along with him.

May God Bless America, because right now, it is being run by a demonic tyrant!

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