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Divine Providence, Could Save America Again

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

By Colonel Larry Kaifesh, USMC ret.

The political and bureaucratic class of Washington DC has failed America and her citizens, as we see the majority capitulate to special interests and a global agenda at the expense of the United States Constitution and America herself.

Currently, there are extreme efforts to facilitate America’s demise in order to usher in a global communist government, through the destruction of the economy, borders, law and order, education, family structure, free speech and a medical mandate causing irreparable harm and death to numbers of people, growing exponentially in America and across the globe.

The patriots of America who love God, Family, Country and the Constitution, which is the vast majority, have been in disbelief watching the systematic destruction of America by those they elected to represent and fight for them.

These patriots have seen a continued surrender by the political class, who have essentially allowed without resistance the reckless spending, open borders, lawless cities, harmful mandates, attacks on free speech, Jan 6 detainees, the Biden family crime syndicate, the globalist agenda and more.

The prevailing belief of these patriots is that they have been abandoned by those who were supposed to be representing them and they are on their own.

These patriots having lived through two overwhelmingly fraudulent elections in 2020 and 2022 are recognizing that the elections no longer can be counted on as a way to help save America. These patriots recognize their ability to turn America back to the Constitution through elections is dwindling.

That is until now, where it appears, Divine Providence, is intervening again, just as it did during the Revolutionary War, gaining America her independence! For those who are unaware, there is a little known legal case titled, Brunson vs Adams, which will divinely, be going in front of the Supreme Court on January 6, 2023 to determine if they will review this lawsuit.

This case was initiated by a group of four brothers known for their musical performances on some of the biggest stages in the country. The brothers go by the name "The Brunson Brothers," they are Godly men, and they all play the trumpet.

There is something divine in that fact alone, that we have four trumpeters giving signal about a great injustice causing the nation demoralizing harm, with the intent to rectify criminality.

This case is divine in that it accurately, fairly, and in a purely, bipartisan fashion, addresses the failure of those who were given special trusts and confidence to perform their duties of representing their constituents and following the U.S. Constitution, which they are bound to.

As the Brunson lawsuit argues, all of Congress was put on notice prior to its January 6th vote in 2020 by more than a hundred of its own members detailing serious allegations of election fraud and calling for the creation of an electoral commission to investigate the allegations.

Furthermore, as highlighted by Tim Canova in the Gateway Pundit, “The Office of Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) was required to submit a report on foreign threats to the 2020 Presidential election by December 18, 2020.

That deadline was set by executive order and by Congress itself. When December 18th came and went without ODNI submitting its report, Congress should have started asking questions and investigating.

In fact, DNI John Ratcliffe announced on that day that the 17 U.S. intelligence agencies he was overseeing had found evidence of foreign election interference but were split as to its significance and whether such breach of national security was sufficient to overturn the outcome of the election.

And yet there was no action whatsoever by Congress, no inquiry and no investigation. Instead, Congress approved the possibly fraudulent election results on January 6th without asking any questions of the DNI and the Intelligence Community.”

There is precedence with this case going back to the 1876 presidential election that was in doubt. At that time, Congress created a special Electoral Commission made up of five House members, five Senators, and five Supreme Court Justices to investigate.

Compare that to what happened in 2021 where Congress had almost two full weeks to investigate prior to the January 20th Presidential Inauguration.

If Congress waited on the certification of the election just one more day, they would have received the long-awaited ODNI report which revealed there was a split in the Intelligence Community and the DNI’s conclusion that the People’s Republic of China had interfered with the presidential election.

As Dr. Barry A. Zulauf, the Analytic Ombudsman for the Intelligence Community, stated at the time, the Intelligence Community shamefully delayed their findings until after the January 6th Electoral College certification by Congress because of their political disagreements with the Trump administration.

This paints a picture of collusion and conspiracy involving members of Congress and U.S. intelligence agencies to cover-up evidence of foreign election interference and constituting the crime of High Treason.

The Brunson lawsuit does not claim the election was stolen, purely that a large majority of Congress members, failed to investigate serious allegations of election rigging and breaches of national security. This violated their Oaths.

Article VI of The Constitution clearly states, “The Senators and Representatives … shall be BOUND by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution…” The Oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic is taken also by members of the Supreme Court and the U.S. Military.

The fact that the Brunson case has made it to the Supreme Court’s docket suggests profound concerns about a lawless January 6th Congressional committee, politicized federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and major constitutional violations intended to overthrow an elected government by manipulating the outcome of the presidential election.

At a time when many patriots believe America is too far gone, we have this beautiful opportunity brought on by Divine Providence, to make a colossal wrong, right, and in the process save America herself.

If ever there was a question on why so many say God Bless America, it is because by doing so God does! And we will need it more than ever on January 6, 2023, and even more so for when the Supreme Court makes its decision to hold those bound to support the Constitution, accountable, for failing so miserably.

May God Continue to Bless America!

"It is an insular process directed by power-hungry party elites who live like kings and govern like bullies."

~ Congressman Ken Buck Colorado, 4th Cong. District

Taken from his book “Drain the Swamp”

Congressman Buck, immediately upon getting elected, realized why nothing gets done in Congress, and it isn't because of political gridlock—in fact, Republicans and Democrats work together all too well to fleece taxpayers and plunge America deeper into debt.

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