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Orientation: We are in the culmination of an asymmetric war being waged on WE the people of America and freedom loving people across the globe by a group of technocrat globalists predominately at the top of finance, business, pharmaceuticals, media and politics of the 193 countries of the United Nations (UN). Moving forward, we will identify the enemy as globalists. The globalists have been systematically increasing their activities for the last 50 years going back to the 1970s, when the World Economic Forum, Tri-lateral Commission, Club or Rome were created and joined the likes of the Council on Foreign Relations, The Rockefeller Foundation, Chatham House aka, The Royal Institute of International Affairs which all aligned with The Bank for International Settlements and the Central Banks. In simple terms this is a battle between good and evil, freedom and tyranny. More specifically, this is a battle between Patriots, those who love God, Family, Country and the Constitution, and Traitors, the globalists who hate God, Family, Country and the Constitution.  


I.        Situation: The evil globalists are using Fifth Generation Warfare Tactics, to include non-kinetic military action, such as social engineering, misinformation, cyberattacks, along with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and fully autonomous systems. The globalist’s end state is a “Great Reset,” a “transformation of humanity,” a one world government, led by them and their systems, where they live a life of privilege and abundance, while the “Useless Eaters,” the globalists’ words for those not in their company, are secured into a digital concentration camp. The “Useless Eaters” have been targeted for a slow and early death predominately, to date, through the COVID-19 “vaccine” and the processed food supply laced with elements that eradicate health and longevity. Other attacks are eminent and include pandemics, cyber-attacks, electrical grid attacks, war and even alien invasions. In short, the globalists need to create an enemy that cannot be seen, but will end civilization if the population does not listen to them, the globalists, telling people what to do to survive.  Think Climate Change, where they want you to stop producing carbon, the COVID-19 Pandemic where they want you to take a harmful “vaccine,” wear a mask and isolate at home.  Think of 9-11, a false flag operation that created the War on Terror designed to increase the defense budget for easier fleecing of money from the treasury to outside forces and to usher in the Patriot Act, which gave the government approval to listen and capture everything from a phone call, text message, email, and search engine search.  They “Collect It All.” Because they seek a global government, they need a global threat, an Alien Invasion that effects the globe needs a global government to deal with the threat. Plan on hearing more about Alien attacks moving forward and know, it’s just another despicable lie by our government to steal your freedoms and give them more control.


a.       Enemy Forces: The globalists seek control over everything. They not only want to control your travel, spending and information you receive, but they want to control what you eat, what cars you drive, what appliances you use and even what you think! The sooner America and the global population realizes the globalists intentions, which they have announced publicly and can be found on honest media outlets and social media platforms, such as, Rumble and Children’s Health Defense, the sooner America and the global population will realize there has never been a more evil group of people in the history of mankind.

Please find the below listed organization chart which does a very good job at identifying the enemy, where they operate and what they do:



                             i.         Size:  There are couple dozen large donors to the World Economic Forum, the lead policy maker for the globalists, that have a tremendous impact on its operations and there are another couple of dozen from the largest banking families around the globe pushing the hardest for the one world government. Additionally, there are approximately 3,000 key policy makers that come from the Bank of International Settlements, the Central Bankers, the World Economic Forum and the Trilateral Commission to name a few.  In total, the policy makers are relatively small, compared to the numbers of the global population they are trying to control.  The policy makers are about 3,000 – 5,000 and those in positions of the policy enforcers are a couple thousand more. The policy subjects, those supporting globalists’ policies without even realizing how tyrannical they are, unfortunately are large in number. Think of all the Democrats in America and Leftists around the world. I’m sorry to say but many Republicans fall into the same category! 


                           ii.         Activity: The enemy globalists are being led by Klaus Schwab, George Soros and the United States, more specifically, Barak Obama, Joe Biden, and most all the Democrat establishment in DC and many Republicans.  Their immediate goal is to destroy America and they are doing this through the following actions:


1.      Treasonous Activity by Biden the Globalist, Given Little Attention and Almost no Action by our Weaponized and Compromised DoJ:  The data is overwhelming that Biden has been selling out the country for years for personal economic gain.  We have books from Peter Schweizer articulating the transactions from multiple countries providing money to the Biden family for influence on specific polices which mostly harmed America. We have expert testimony from Tony Bobulinsky, a business partner of the Biden’s with laptops, phone messages, emails, texts and receipts to prove Biden is a traitor. Additionally, the bank records, receipts, off shore bank accounts and numerous LLCs discovered by the Oversight Committee has provided invaluable information showing Biden was taking money from multiple countries, many adversarial, through his family members and LLC’s for obvious influence peddling, a treasonous act, punishable by death.


2.      Mandated, “Vaccines,” Masks, and Isolation: The vaccines have caused tens of millions of deaths globally and over one billion adverse reactions. These are conservative numbers based on government data found on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and a similar system for Europe, and they are only going to go up. The masks caused psychological problems and significant harm to children and their social development. The isolation increased depression, anxiety resulting in increased rates in depression, anxiety and suicides.


3.      Deliberate Destruction of the Dollar and US Economy through Reckless Spending: The reckless spending by Biden/Obama/Globalists has resulted in record inflation, higher interest rates, record National debt, record personal debt, record low personal savings, a most certain recession and possible depression. The value of the dollar has plummeted and if they are successful at destroying the economy, they will be able to usher in their essential tool ensure the Great Reset, Central Bank Digital Currencies.


4.      Opened the Border: By opening the border, Biden/Obama/Globalists are dramatically changing the demographics of the population. The illegal immigrants coming in today are getting $2,200 per month of government aid, while the average social security recipient receives about $1,400.  This will help further destroy the dollar and the economy.  Additionally, because the Democrat party is losing Blacks, Hispanics and those thinking rationally, they are hoping to turn these dependent citizens into Democrats at the expense of the country. Another goal of the Biden/Obama/Globalists is to use this transfer of humanity to change global government.  If they are able to add 100 million illegal immigrants to America, they would likely be able to have the votes to create a regional government for all of North America (The United States, Mexico and Canada). This regional government would get them one step closer to their ultimate one world government.


5.         Attacked Gas and Oil Industry: The first thing Biden/Obama/Globalists did when Biden got into office was shut down the Keystone Pipeline and took millions of acres off the market to explore for more resources. Additionally Biden said he wanted 50% of our cars being electric by 2030 and then took thousands of acres of precious metals and minerals off the market for us to mine in order to make the batteries needed for all the electric cars. It is not a coincidence that China is the leading producer of electric car batteries and when they said they wanted Afghanistan for its precious resources like cobalt and lithium, needed to make these batteries, Biden pulled the military and Americans out of the Afghanistan and handed it over to China.  China is now in Bagram Air Base, formerly the largest US Military base in the country. It is now being used by the Chinese as a base camp for their massive mining campaign, raping the countryside of its vital resources used to make electric car batteries. This attack on the gas and oil industry, with the reckless spending has exponentially raised the inflation rate in America.  Just three years prior, America was energy independent and gas could be found in the $1.80s in many areas.


6.      Provoked Two Wars which will most Certainly Escalate:  There would be no war in Ukraine with the Russians if Biden did what President Trump did, tell Putin, Ukraine will remain neutral and would not become a member of NATO.  Biden did the opposite. He essentially made Ukraine a de-facto NATO country knowing full well, that Putin in 2008 made it clear, it would not be tolerated. Much in the same way, Soviet missiles in Cuba were not tolerated by President JF Kennedy. It has become clear, there is virtually no accountability for the funds going to Ukraine.  It has also become clear, this is just a tool to launder money and push more money out of America which it does not have, creating further debt and destruction of the dollar and economy.  It is not a coincidence that just two weeks after Biden released six billion dollars to the Iranians, that Hamas conducted the largest attack on Israel in over 50 years. Iran controls and funds Hamas, and when Biden freed six billion up for the Iranians, they immediately used it to fund the attack. Now Biden wants to give more money, America does not have, to both sides and Ukraine. This is a sure way to destroy America and it is happening in front of our own eyes daily.   


7.      FBI and White House Collaboration with Social Media Outlets to Control Messaging on the Harms of the “Vaccine” and the Treasonous Acts of Biden and his Son Hunter: As in all dystopian totalitarian police states, those in positions of power weaponized the government, to include controlling all messaging from corporate media to social media outlets.  The American people have been fed propaganda for decades and many have no idea what the truth is anymore. This administration worked with social media to censor any reports on the harms of the “vaccine” and called Hunter’s laptop Russian misinformation, another lie on par with Russian Collusion and Jan 6 being an insurrection.  Hunter’s laptop, in addition to showing he’s a deviant drug addict, pedophile, also showed he was selling his father’s influence as a VP and President and that Biden is an undeniable traitor deserving of swift and severe justice. 


The globalists have taken numerous other actions that have caused significant damage to the social structure of America, these include; legalizing drugs, promoting soft on crime policies in our biggest cities, pushing Critical Race Theory in our schools, hyper sexualizing our children, promoting more than two genders and encouraging children to transition sexually! It is not a coincidence that these actions are all happening at the same time. These actions by the globalist are deliberate with the goal of destroying America for a one world dystopian government! 


                         iii.         Location: The globalists are global, but you can see them being most active in Western countries that are associated with the United Nations. The United States with Biden have taken the lead in pushing the evil policies to help usher in this evil dystopian new world order. Additionally, those in influential positions in governments of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France and most of Europe have assisted in these evil actions.


                          iv.         Unit: The organizations that make up the Globalists and are driving this destructive Great Reset can best be found in the organization chart above being led by the Central Bankers, World Economic Forum (WEF) members, the United Nations (UN), the World Health Organization (WHO) and governments of the UN Countries, being led by the current administration of the United States of America. The Globalists can also be identified as those desperately pushing the “vaccine” mandates during COVID and now that COVID is over, have moved their desperate methods of controls through Climate Change and funding the Ukraine war, which is a pure money laundering operation.


                           v.         Time: The enemy Globalists have been operating arguably for centuries, going back to our Founding Fathers victory in the Revolutionary War, however, for the sake of this order, we will emphasize the last 50 years, going back to the 1970s when several of the key organizations pushing the Globalist Agenda were founded, to include the WEF and the Trilateral Commission. We saw Globalists more openly when Jimmy Carter and much of his administration were Globalists and then later when Barak Obama was elected.  However, things really picked up when President Donald J. Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election, which was rigged to have Hillary win, but no one was expecting the wave of President Trump and the algorithms programmed into the machines could not keep up. Once President Trump was elected, the Globalists went all out to take him out, as he was the one person who could derail their entire efforts as he could not be controlled by them or bought off and he was truly committed to Making America Great Again. Since that election, the Globalists have been completely committed to destroying America and anyone not willing to support their One World Government aspirations, which at the top of that list are President Trump, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin.


                          vi.         Equipment: The Globalists, since they are predominately being run by the central bankers, currently have virtually endless resources. They gain most of their power through the manipulation of global markets and national currencies. Since the largest asset managers like BlackRock, State Street and Vanguard, control most all of corporate media, they have a monopoly on pushing propaganda and talking points. To make matters worse, they also control most of the social media outlets so censor or cancel facts through so called fact checkers and those telling the truth on those outlets. In addition to the propaganda and monopoly over the narrative, the globalists also most recently had the bio weapon “vaccine” which they pushed on billions of people across the globe through mandates and coercion causing significant harm and death.  


b.       Friendly Forces: The friendly forces are the Patriots who love God, Family, Country and the Constitution. These forces are individuals resisting the globalist’s multi-pronged attack and recognize the ware we are in. They can be found in the military, law enforcement, education, business, and most every walk of life imaginable. They are significantly larger in numbers, however, do not have the resources of the globalists, not only in money, but also in ability to get the message out, as the globalists own most all corporate media outlets and social media platforms, along with the ability to influence through education, entertainment and corporations/careers. 


II.      Mission: All Patriots, should resist, through specified actions and actions learned to be beneficial, against the evil globalists pushing their nefarious agenda, to create a one world dystopian government.  This should be started immediately with the intent to help usher in the Great Awakening over the evil Great Reset.  Success is our only option, for freedom in the United States and around the world are at stake.  May God Help Us!


III.   Execution: This should be done by all Patriots starting immediately and growing the number of patriots through shared truthful information to those unaware as to what is really happening in this Information War. It is imperative the number of knowledgeable Patriots grow until the tipping point is reached and the evil globalists are no longer able to carry out their nefarious intentions. 


a.     Intent: To have every Patriot execute their assigned tasks and share truth to those unaware.  Ultimately, American’s will recognize the pillars to America’s greatness and reinvest in them, God, Family, Country and the Constitution. By reinvesting in the pillars of America’s greatness, the evil globalists will not be able to sustain their efforts nor continue to exist in this environment.


b.     Concept of Operations: Upon receiving the order all Patriots will go to work in their own locality, carrying out their specified tasks and sharing truth on the intentions of the evil globalists, in order to grow the ranks of the Patriots.


                               i.     Scheme of Maneuver: All Patriots inform, share and execute the tasks essential to grow freedom and eliminate tyranny by sharing this order and more specifically the tasks required to eliminate the evil globalists.  This should be done by every Patriotic individual, group, organization, unit and outlet that aspires freedom over tyranny. 


                             ii.     Fire Support: The sharing of this order and specified tasks will start to be done the old fashioned way through group meetings, conferences, seminars in person events and then shared through media outlets and social media platforms that are censored and shadow banned the least. 


c.     Tasks:


                               i.     Everyone:  Stop listening to corporate media and any sources that have destroyed their credibility like corporate media has.  Corporate media pushed the lies of Russian Collusion for several years even when they knew it was force. Same can be said of Hunter’s laptop, which they knew to be real, they again said was Russian disinformation. Only listen to sources that have been cancelled, attacked or censored for the truth.


                             ii.     Everyone: Minimize social media use and understand they along with Google and YouTube are owned/controlled entities of the globalists that are programmed to monopolize your time and push propaganda and false narratives. Seek sites like Rumble, Truth Social and direct podcasts and news outlets that have proven to be trust worthy such as Info Wars, Tucker Carlson, Charlie Kirk, Mark Levin, and Andrew Wilkow.  


                           iii.     Everyone: Use cash as much as possible as opposed to credit cards and digital electronic payments. Minimize all digital activity from social media to automatic electronic payment methods.


                            iv.     Everyone: The currency of the future will be of trust. Establish relationships of trust. Build a network of trustworthy patriots in your community with a broad spectrum of talents and skills.


                              v.     Everyone:  Get involved at the local level. Know your local representatives, get familiar with the local school board activities. Seek and assist candidates that are patriots, principled and selfless with their service to God, Family, Country, Capitalism and the Constitution.


                            vi.     Everyone: Sign the Declaration of Military Accountability petition to make accountable the senior ranks of the military who implemented the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, and in so doing, broke the law, trampled constitutional rights, denied informed consent, permitted unwilling medical experimentation, and suppressed the free exercise of religion. Link can be found below:




                          vii.     Everyone: Denounce every aspect of the Green New Deal which is the globalists primary tool to create fear and control over the people while robbing of us our money, freedom and unalienable rights, so that the globalists can advance their agenda of global governance and complete control of every aspect of our lives.  


                        viii.     Everyone: By resist, do everything the globalists don’t want you to do tenfold.  When they say don’t talk about a stolen election or lethal vaccine, talk about them extensively. When told not to go to church, hold services more frequently.


                            ix.     Everyone: Buy a faraday bag for your phone which will make you invisible to tracking and other surveillance. When inside the bag your phone can not send or receive any signals.


                              x.     Everyone: Work to get off of any free email server like Gmail which tracks everything you are doing.  Instead try ProtonMail, StartMail, Tutanota, and other secure email services.  They charge but it is worth it.


                            xi.     Legislation: Term Limits. Congress was meant to be a citizen legislature. Our representatives were supposed to go to Washington, serve for a short time, then return to live under the laws they made. This vision has been lost. It is imperative every American signs the U.S. Term Limits Petition on the U.S. Term Limits website.    


                          xii.     Legislation: Repeal H.R.5736 - Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, which essentially makes it legal for the United States Government and media outlets to use propaganda on its citizens.


                         xiii.     Legislation: Demand your representatives repeal Section 230 of the federal Communications Decency Act. This legislation was originally created to allow big tech and social media companies not to be held liable for information shared on their site from different users of their site. The thought was the companies are just large bulletin boards that everyone can use and post as they wish.  This has proven to be false.  Big tech and social media companies are not passive billboards but very active in what information is shared, deleted and shadow banned. Additionally, it is very active in censoring certain users and messages, while promoting others.  It is time big tech and social media companies be treated like newspapers who have editorial privileges which big tech and social media companies have adopted.\


                         xiv.     Legislation: Demand your Representatives vote yes for H.R. 1122 - CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act: This bill limits the ability of the Federal Reserve to (1) provide direct services to individuals, and (2) use a central bank digital currency. A central bank digital currency is a digital currency (e.g., Bitcoin or Ether) issued by a government-backed central bank.


                           xv.     Legislation: Demand your Representatives vote yes for H.R. 3722 – This bill would amend the Federal Reserve Act to require an Act of Congress for certain activities related to the issuance of a central bank digital currency, and for other purposes.


                         xvi.     Legislation: Demand your Representatives vote yes for S. 887 – This bill would amend the Federal Reserve Act to prohibit the Federal Reserve banks from offering certain products or services directly to an individual, and for other purposes.


                       xvii.     Education: Government education is failing our children, while pushing dangerous and unhealthy ideas, Critical Race Theory, multiple sexes indoctrination and avoiding education.


                     xviii.     Health: Follow the lead of Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Mary Talley Bowden and thousands of other doctors in the demand your representatives to pull all COVID-19 vaccines off the market.  Please find the link below identifying representatives and candidates who have supported the ban:


                         xix.     Health/Legislation:  Pull out of the World Health Organization (WHO).


                           xx.     Health/Legislation: Halt all childhood vaccines, the entire vaccine schedule until the vaccine issue is resolved.  This is essential now since messenger RNA is now on the schedule without any concern for safety by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) panel.


                         xxi.     Education:  Government Education Communities, churches, and other charitable organizations band together to create their own private (which is to say, non-government) schools that would offer high-quality education and be open to all, regardless of beliefs or ability to pay. I propose that these schools be built upon three main pillars: excellence, affordability, and accessibility. 


To foster “excellence,” the schools would borrow heavily from the classical model, emphasizing academic skills such as reading, writing, and mathematics along with accurate history, foreign languages, and the arts. 


“Affordability” means that the cost of attending would be subsidized as needed, financed by donations, fundraisers, and community-based capital campaigns. Tuition should be as low as possible to begin with, so that vouchers (in states where they exist) will cover most of the cost for students who qualify. For students who can’t afford to pay the balance or who don’t qualify for vouchers, the schools will make up the difference through need-based scholarships. No child will be turned away because his or her family lacks the ability to pay.


Nor would any child be turned away because of his or her beliefs, which is what I mean by “accessibility.” Note that I include churches in this proposal not because I’m advocating for explicitly religious education—far from it—but because churches have one thing that is absolutely essential to the plan’s success: facilities. Yes, many churches already sponsor private schools, though those can be nearly as expensive as their nonreligious counterparts. But many other churches boast large, well-appointed buildings that remain mostly unused throughout the week.


What I’m suggesting is that some of those churches allow the local community to use their facilities—either free or at very low cost—to create schools that are not only inexpensive but also accessible to all, regardless of beliefs. No “statement of faith” will be required, of either students or faculty (although there could certainly be some kind of behavioral contract or “honor code.”)



I realize this is a potential sticking point. For many churches, evangelizing is part of their mission. But consider this: When a church invites a child into its building, whether the child ever joins that church or embraces its doctrines, the congregation has performed a vital service not only for the child but for the entire community


IV.    Administration and Logistics: This will be done at the grass roots level, predominately through world of mouth using resources and administration capabilities most effective and readily available. More to follow.


Command and Control: We are all in this together and we must all take command of our abilities and resources to make this happen. More t

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