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I’ve Never Been More Concerned About the Future of America, then After Speaking to Self-Proclaimed “Conservative Republicans” in Texas of All Places

If Texas, the stalwart home of conservatives and America First Patriots falls to the globalists, America will fall and freedom in America and the globe will be a memory.

Sam Houston’s Stunning Victory at San Jacinto, the Battle that Earned Texas it’s Independence, April 21, 1836.

For full disclosure, I’m a Constitutional Conservative who believes in God, Family, Country and the Constitution. I bleed red, white and blue and believe in America First policies, in order to Make America Great Again!


After retiring from the Marine Corps with 28 years in the infantry and seven combat deployments to the Middle East after the attacks of 9-11, I made my way back home to the suburbs of Chicago to be closer to family. I witnessed and experienced some of the most damaging, progressive, woke policies in the country. After being fired from my post as a commandant of a military academy in Chicago Public Schools, for providing informed consent on the COVID vaccine, (that is not safe or effective,) I knew I needed to get to a better fighting hole.


I ended up moving to Texas because I believed it to be the stalwart home of conservatives and America First Patriots that would make Sam Houston proud! This was demonstrated daily by the outstanding work of Texas Attorney General (AG) Ken Paxton, who like a rabid pit bull, has gone after Biden, the traitor, and the greatest threat to freedom here in America and around the globe. 


AG Paxton went after Biden, on everything from stolen elections, to unconstitutional vaccine mandates, to the destruction of Texas border barriers, to apps that facilitated the invasion of illegal immigrants on our Southern Border, and of course, climate change policies, the golden lie of the evil globalists.


AG Paxton was doing God’s work, going after the treasonous Biden. However, for his efforts, Republicans in the Texas House led the charge to impeach him!  This was pure law fare being used on AG Paxton, the same law fare we see being used against President Trump for trying to Make America Great Again! Those carrying out the witch hunt in Texas were the same donor class globalists!


When I spoke to a few self-proclaimed “conservative Republicans” voting for Briscoe Cain of Texas 128, an impeachment manager against AG Paxton, they saw nothing wrong with law fare being used to try and take out a good patriot. They regurgitated Cain’s talking points about wanting to see if there was sufficient evidence to warrant a trial. It’s no coincidence this comment sounded a lot like Lavrentiy Beria, of Stalin’s brutal secret police when he said, “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”


Sadly, while listening to their rationalization for being tyrannical, I could have sworn I was listening to Chicago Democrats, not self-proclaimed “conservative Republicans,” and of Texas of all places. Sam Houston would be beyond disappointed that these Texans were not showing courage, but rather surrendering to conformity. Conformity is easy and comfortable. But in today’s political world, there is nothing more evil, dangerous and seditious.


It should be noted that AG Paxton was completely exonerated and the impeachment proceedings cost the Texas tax payers over $4.2 million, with most of it spent on lawyers the Republican led House hired to prosecute Paxton.


The same self-proclaimed “conservative Republicans” also had no problem with the radical Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan, who was an adamant supporter of giving chairmanships to Democrats - against the will of the people. It was Phelan, along with 23 Republicans, who joined the Democrats in opposing Greg Abbott’s call for school choice, a priority for the citizens of Texas.


Let’s be clear, the system has been tainted, and those elected to office in a very short amount of time, end up capitulating to the donor class, which are increasingly globalists. Globalists are those diligently working to destroy America for a one world dystopian totalitarian government that puts us all into a digital concentration camp. 


The globalists have funds and resources, which they are able to use to manipulate and conduct psychological operations on non-critical thinkers, such as Chicago Democrats and the self-proclaimed “conservative Republicans” in Texas who saw nothing wrong with the impeachment of AG Paxton.   


Because of this fact, now more than ever, we need term limits. The political class won’t vote for it or support it. So it is up to us to vote them out.  Since the capitulation to the donor class happens so quickly, and has been proven with folks like Briscoe Cain, Dade Phelan and Dan Crenshaw, we need to vote them all out the minute they stop fighting for their constituents, Country and Constitution. Or most definitely vote them out no later than six years, or risk further disappointments and wider destruction of Texas and America. 


If self-proclaimed “conservative Republicans” in Texas talk and believe the same things Chicago Democrats do, Texas is done!  And if Texas goes, America goes and freedom here and around the world will be eradicated. It is imperative we give Texas what it deserves! 


Texas deserves better than capitulating cowards like Briscoe Cain, Dade Phelan and Dan Crenshaw. The state needs courageous warriors like Sam Houston!

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