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Globalists create 'New World Disorder,' now admit that Trump 2.0 Would End their Agenda

Updated: Mar 3

Larry Kaifesh returned to Geneva, Illinois on Feb. 27, 2024 to update hundreds of patriots concerned about America's downward spiral, facilitated by a globalist agenda. Board members of the event hosted by the Three Headed Eagle Alliance organization were asked by members of the group to have Col Kaifesh return, after nearly two-years since he first addressed the Globalist Agenda threat Americans saw publicly unfolding immediately after Joe Biden took over the White House like a communist dictator.

With so much that has negatively transpired since the retired Marine Colonel first spoke with the group, we should all take solace in the positive message Kaifesh delivered to crowd-goers...we are winning the war!

Please check out the entire one-hour Feb 27 presentation and discussion on the Constitutional Colonel Rumble channel. Also, please share with anyone you think needs perspective and hope that we can, and will, take back our country.


Millions of fed-up Americans, who rightfully only want to broker in truth and transparency, are seen uniting throughout the country with political party primary elections underway. We seek optimism and pray that the months ahead in 2024 will not feature anymore devastating damage to our Republic during the final stretch of Joe Biden's horrendous term. Fingers crossed!

It is essential everyone be fearless warriors for truth and continue to call out the lies and push away the propaganda that non-credible media outlets and pundits peddle. That hasn't stopped and we anticipate their desperation as months go on will again rear its ugly head and ramp up against us full throttle (with no shame.) George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg are already getting ready to insert their billions in "save democracy" initiatives (AKA election meddling) consistent with their election meddling we all saw in 2020.

But getting back to the media... their "in-the-toilet ratings" prove that We the People are winning and that the globalists are coming to terms that they are losing the war that they waged against us for years, before the silent majority woke up in 2020 seeing them steal our election right in front of us.

We saw earlier this year the elites in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum were forced to recalibrate their messaging to focus on "rebuilding trust." The fact that these diabolical, anti-freedom communists, realize the gig is up should be comforting to us all.

Many non-American globalist-type executives, including Black Rock's Hildebrand, said last January that a Trump 2.0 is of "great concern."

However, several U.S. executives publicly said at Davos that they were not concerned if Trump wins the 2024 presidential elections. Even banking leaders reportedly expressed confidence that America would be OK if Trump regained the White House.

A U.S. Bank CEO reportedly told CNBC that he was annoyed with the media exaggeration of the threat of a Trump presidency, stressing he is "all bark and no bite." The Bank CEO further reiterated to CNBC that, "He's going to win the presidency," and that "...many of his policies were right."

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon told CNBC's Squawk Box that he hopes, "the country survives" with either Joe Biden or the return of Trump. However, he reiterated ,"Just take a step back, and be honest. (Trump) was kind of right about NATO. He was kind of right about immigration, he grew the economy quite well. Trade. Tax reform worked. He was right about some of China."

WEF leading "agenda contributor" Yuval Harari even surrendered to the conclusion that "It could be the end of globalism if President Trump is re-elected." That's right Mr. Harari! Trump will be the permanent wrench in the "New World Disorder" agenda and shift our country's entire focus on Making America Great Again.

The current Biden sham administration has been a foot solider for the evil globalist New World Order agenda. Their puppet did as they told the last few years and now dismal polling of the resident in the White House shows the American people reject these harmful policies that are threatening our country's future and existence.

We applaud everyone who has turned off MSM liars (paid off by the globalists, including George Soros and Black Rock.) Because folks have turned them off, "We the People" are uniting in full force to push back and take back our country in 2024.

2024 Two Takeaways from the U.S. Political Party Primaries: Buying Time, Wasting Money

Although polls are showing Trump leading in all the swing states in a matchup against Biden, we still do not have confirmation on what the top of the ticket 2024 November ballot will look like. Why?

Simply put, Republicans have a "uniparty" member, a war-mongering globalist-backed candidate, Nicki Haley, continuing to galivant for optics (not votes) in Super Tuesday (March 5) states.

Her losing campaign is still sanctimoniously clutching their pearls offended by the Republican party voters who are rejecting her stupidity of burning through millions of donations coming from Democrats, and the Military/Medical Industrial Combine that want endless wars and profitable diseases to plague Americans.

Vivek Ramaswamy was right when he called Haley out to her face during one of the final debates as, "Dick Cheney in Heels."

Haley represents a reminder to us all that the corruption and sell-outs who want the status quo agenda that contributed to the mess our country is in, still have hopes the swamp racket in Washington DC can continue.

Instead of uniting the party since Haley's embarrassing and consistent primary losses in several states, she is clearly focused on her agenda to weaken, defame and slander the front runner, Trump, for the Republican nomination. Haley is not stupid. She is funded. That is why her charade continues with no pathway to become the Republican nominee.

As many Republicans have noted, she basically has nuked herself and any future political aspirations by continuing her sham primary tour. So, we are all just forced to endure a few more weeks hopefully of this corrupt spectacle taking place. We know the people funding Haley don't care about Saving America. They are sheerly focused on "Destroying Trump." Their money can't change our minds, even though they can buy ads that run on MSM outlets that nobody is even watching.

Democrats can condescendingly point to Haley and claim, "the Republican party is so divided, they are in shambles." Forget about honestly examining the divide and destruction in the Democrat party right now among the far-left progressives, and the moderates that are fleeing the Democrat party to vote for Independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Nothing to see here!

Meanwhile, the Democrats are dealing with full sheer panic as they know Biden at the top of the ticket very well likely will not regain the White House.

With the economy in shambles, inflation through the roof, the war with Israel against Hamas terrorists in the Middle East, and Ukraine with Russian in Europe,, Biden's son Hunter indicted in Delaware and in California, and the House Oversight Committee investigation into the Biden crime family's money laundering scheme, the negatives against a Biden re-election are mounting.

This is why every American must get involved in their state elections, starting in the primaries. to clean up the rot in our Republican party by pushing out sellouts who vote in the House and Senate for the very destructive globalist policies that are destroying us. If the candidate in the Republican Primary is Not America First, vote them out!

Super Tuesday is set to occur March 5, which involves 15 states and one territory. States include: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont and Virginia. One territory, American Samoa, will also vote. The latest primaries occur in some states in mid-September. 13 primaries each, June and August are the busiest months for state primaries.

Haley lost South Carolina and Michigan, and it is hard to argue her candidacy is viable since that defeat. Trump ran the board in the early-voting states, but does not yet have the delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination.

However, the MAGA supports will be out in full force in coming weeks to help Trump secure the nomination and help numerous MAGA House and Senate candidates through the finish line to create a united front in November and end the globalist attack on our lives and future forever! God willing!

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