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Exclusive Panel Part 2: Dr. Thorp Says Unsafe Vaccines are Biggest "Fubar" in Military History!

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Dr. James Thorp, Ret. Army Major Gen. Paul Vallely and Ret. Lt. Col. Dave Trombly join The Constitutional Colonel Larry Kaifesh Show to discuss the numerous deceptive maneuvers by the Biden Administration that were instrumental in fooling the population into taking the experimental gene therapy mRNA vaccines that are not safe nor are they effective.

Dr. Thorp told the panel that the vaccines are the biggest "fubar" in military history, and has resulted in the explosion of miscarriages and infertility...further proving the experimental jabs are the bio-weapon delivered by Big Pharma by the globalists who paid off politicians and doctors to push them out to depopulate the world.

We now know that not only did medical providers ignore the data showing how ineffective the vaccines were, but these medical providers are now revealing how many were essentially bribed by lobbyists of Big Pharma to encourage their patients to take the jab. The data is emerging that infertility and miscarriage is now surging in the population to levels we have never seen before. Dr. Thorp breaks it down for us.

BIO on Dr. Thorp:

James Thorp, MD. Obstetrics and Gynecology, Maternal and Fetal Medicine out of Missouri. He put this video out in November last year detailing the 80% miscarriage rate crisis.

“Of the 270 pregnant women, 238 were not followed up. And of the data that they did present with a miscarriage… it was 80% miscarriage rate,” says Dr. James Thorp.

“The federal government, the CDC and the FDA - they’re corrupt. They sat on that data.”

Thorp is an OBGYN and fetal medicine specialist who sees upwards of 8,000 patients a year. He says his extensive reading of available data convinced him that pressuring pregnant women to get the COVID-19 genetic vaccines is “unconscionable.”

“They fraudulently deleted horrible outcomes of the vaccine in the reproductive toxicology studies” claims Thorp. “The Official UK Government…specifically recommends that the vaccines not be used in pregnancy…and not to be used in breastfeeding.

Biden Administration's egregious destruction of military personnel's constitutional rights. The attack on our military was from the top down, starting with Commander in Chief Biden, all the way down to career military leaders who exposed themselves as spineless by allowing and promoting NON-FDA approved experimental vaccine products to be used in the government's illegal and destructive forced mandates of our brave military people.

BIO on Lt. Col. David Trombly:

Lt. Col. David Trombly "T-bone," an Author, Grounded and Cured (Wellness Marketing Corps, 2021). LtCol., USMC (Ret), 25 years; F/A -18 Hornet Pilot; trainer, student naval aviators. Motivational speaker / Chaplain, Pensacola Ice Flyers (professional hockey team). Chaplain, Cpl J.R. Spears Det 066 Marine Corps League / Chaplain, Pensacola Gold Star and Surviving Families CONNECT Organization. Married to Megan, six grown children. You can find his book here

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