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EXCLUSIVE PANEL: Shocking Story on Commandant Allegedly Pressuring Vax-Injured Two-Star's Silence

We can see based on Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings of U.S. politicians in Congress that many have received big money (campaign contributions) from Big Pharma lobbyists. But now we learned this week from Rep. Thomas Massie that doctors were also being bribed by Big Pharma vaccine makers to suggest that Americans across the country should take the experimental mRNA gene therapy non-effective vaccines.

This stunning revelation of bribing our medical providers followed our Exclusive Panel discussion earlier this week (April 12, 2023) featuring Dr. Robert Malone, Ret. Army Major Gen. Paul Vallely and Ret. Lt. Col. Dave Trombly, who joined The Constitutional Colonel Larry Kaifesh Show to discuss the Biden Administration's egregious destruction of military personnel's constitutional rights by pushing mandates and discarding truth and transparency.

The attack on our military is now a major National Security Risk that was perpetrated from the top down, starting with Commander in Chief Biden, all the way down to career risk-aversion military leaders who exposed themselves as spineless by allowing and promoting NON-FDA approved experimental vaccine products to be used in the government's illegal and destructive forced mandates of our brave military people.

Dr. Robert Malone, an American physician and biochemist whose early work focused on mRNA technology, pharmaceuticals, and drug repurposing research, helped get the word out to the masses during the COVID-19 pandemic urging them to not take the experimental mRNA vaccines. Although many in the military did their homework and researched facts surrounding the sketchy vaccine products that were being forced upon military personnel through Biden's unconstitutional vaccine mandates, a large population of the military personnel opted to cooperate with the government and take the experimental vaccines. One included a high-ranking military leader who recently outed himself as among those tragically vaccine injured, suffering debilitating symptoms following a second jab. When this high-ranking military leader alerted others above him of the injury, he was urged to keep his mouth shut because they still needed to mass distribute the vaccines to more military personnel.

The story is verified by Lt. Col. David Trombly "T-bone," an Author, Grounded and Cured (Wellness Marketing Corps, 2021). LtCol., USMC (Ret), 25 years; F/A -18 Hornet Pilot; trainer, student naval aviators. Motivational speaker / Chaplain, Pensacola Ice Flyers (professional hockey team). Chaplain, Cpl J.R. Spears Det 066 Marine Corps League / Chaplain, Pensacola Gold Star and Surviving Families CONNECT Organization. Married to Megan, six grown children. You can find his book here

DR. ROBERT MALONE Information: For More Information on Dr. Robert Malone's books go to these links: Lies My Gov't Told Me: And the Better Future Coming (Children’s Health Defense)

When he invented the original mRNA vaccine technology as a medical and graduate student in the late 1980s, Robert Malone could not have imagined that he would become a leader in a movement to expose the dangers of mRNA vaccines that billions of people have received—too often without being informed of the risks.

For voicing opposition to the “mainstream” narrative, Dr. Robert Malone was censored by Big Tech and vilified by the media.

But he continues to speak out and alert the world to the web of lies that we have all experienced. From vaccine safety and effectiveness to early treatments like ivermectin, to lockdowns, masks, and more, Dr. Malone is the signature dissident voice telling the other side of the story about COVID, the role of corporate media, censorship, propaganda, and the brave new world of transhumanism promoted by the World Economic Forum and its acolytes.

What effect did the COVID policies have on lives, livelihoods, and democracies? How is it possible that the lies spread by governments would persist, and that our institutions would fail to correct them? Lies My Gov’t Told Me takes a hard look at these questions and illustrates how data, information, and psychology have been distorted during the pandemic.

Governments intentionally weaponized fear to mold behavior. The media smeared anyone who objected to the narrative. And Big Pharma—aligned with larger globalist interests exemplified by the likes of Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum—had captured the agencies that are supposed to regulate it long before the pandemic began. Dr. Malone explores these perverse connections between Pharma, government, and media, and tells us what can be done about it.

With contributed chapters from other leading thinkers, such as Dr. Paul Marik and Professor Mattias Desmet, and drawing upon history, psychology, and economics, Lies My Gov’t Told Me looks at COVID from numerous angles. Never satisfied with a simple answer or easy solution, Dr. Malone proposes multiple action plans for a better future.

Dr. Malone calls on each of us to find our own solutions, our own ways to resist the control of fascist, corporatist, and totalitarian overlords. If we are to step out of the darkness—toward a world that defends the principles of the Constitution, upholds individual rights, and honors free speech—we all must play a part in the transition.

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