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First to Fight for Right and Freedom?

The 248th Marine Corps Birthday is on 10 November 2023. All around the world Marines will honor this sacred day with a celebration, some more formal than others. Undoubtedly, the Marine Corps Hymn will be sung by all. The words of the hymn, which include the powerful, “First to Fight for Right and Freedom,” are noble, courageous and inspiring, which through history has always been flawlessly fitting for warriors of the sea. However, it pains me to no end to report, something has changed, not with the wonderful outstanding young and junior Marine war fighters executing what they believe are lawful orders, but with the senior ranks.

I can’t emphasize the importance of the Oath of Office every single Marine, service member, and government official has to swear to, most specifically this clause, “…that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t have to tell you something is terribly wrong with the country today. I don’t have to tell you the Constitution of the United States is getting attacked from multiple fronts. We see the Constitution attacked through the censoring of the information we are trying to share and see, the propaganda being pushed on us by our own government and tyrannical forced mandates of vaccinations, lock-downs and masks!

We see our government weaponized against parents who don’t want their children being indoctrinated but educated. We see our government weaponized against priests and churches that support life and adoption over death and abortion. We see our government weaponized against politicians who love and support the Constitution and are committed to Making America Great Again. Most concerning we see clearly, an undeniable traitor in the White House selling out the country for personal gain and taking deliberate actions to destroy America in order to usher in the globalists goal of a One World Government.

I don’t have to tell you, most of the DC establishment is rotten to the core, specifically the Democrat Party and the guy in the White House being controlled by Obama, one of the key globalists.

If the damn senior ranking Marines are not going to call out the attacks on the Constitution and the Traitor in the White House and the evil globalists pushing the destruction of America, who the hell else will? Yes, other senior ranking officers of the other services have an obligation, as do elected officials, but we expect more from the Marines! Are they not the “First to Fight for Right and Freedom?” If they aren’t than the words are no longer flawlessly fitting, but empty rhetoric highlighting capitulation, not courage!

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