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General Flynn Discusses the FLYNN Movie with Larry Kaifesh, the Constitutional Colonel

Updated: May 19


I had the honor and pleasure to interview General Flynn about the movie titled, FLYNN.  Prior to the interview I watched the movie twice, and I can’t emphasize enough, this movie should be a must watch for every single American. Before I delve deeper into the movie, I would like to share a couple key observations and comments made by General Flynn in the interview, to which we should all take heed below:

For the full interview, please click Here.

·       “I don’t really think that enough people understand what it is that we are in the throes of.  This is a complete takeover of something that has been around for a 100 years.  It is called the new world order.”

·       “If you want to think about it from a military perspective, it’s like the headquarters [World Economic Forum] for the globalist alliance and the globalist alliance consists of nation states and people that are in charge of countries like Trudeau in Canada, Macron in France, Biden in the United States of America, these are all members of this new world order and globalist alliance.”

·       “These people [globalists] float around the world, they float around the world, literally trying to think that they are going to run our lives. They want to run our lives.” 

·       “The voter turnout in this country is pathetic, we are at less than 35% for voter turnout for what would be only considered to be the most consequential election in the United States.”

·       “This is it folks, if we don’t get this Presidential election right, we are done as a democracy, we are done as a Constitutional Republic. We will turn quickly within the next five to ten years into a socialist state and maybe we will be known as the United Socialist State of America.”

General Flynn has been at the forefront of this fight, and has seen the globalists up close and personal. He speaks from extreme experience, as a military leader, and as a selfless patriot. It is imperative we listen to his invaluable insights on the enemy. This takes me to the movie, FLYNN. 

The movie FLYNN is invaluable, because it provides deep insight into the law-fare tactics the globalists use as a weapon. They use this law-fare to take down anyone in their way, predominately those patriots who love God, Family, Country and the Constitution that don’t support their evil agenda. It is not a coincidence, that General Flynn was probably attacked, censored, and cancelled through law-fare, more than anyone in America, with the exception of President Donald J. Trump.

General Flynn says of the documentary, “It is a remarkable inspirational story of survival. The way that we weave this story is through the lens of my persecution to let the audience see, what is being done to them. Because if what they see in this film, which is an incredible level of persecution but an inspiring message of hope, that basically says - We can drive this dark evil out of our lives, if we come together.”

Please link to the movie to watch and share with your friends and family.  The link can be found Here.

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