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Lt. Col. Duncan Details How the Unconstitutional Mandates Negatively Impacted Thousands in Military

Larry Kaifesh sat down with Lt Col C. Scott “Sonny” Duncan this week to discuss how the unconstitutional forced vaccine mandates on the military by the Biden Administration has negatively impacted him and thousands of other members of our military. WATCH FULL EPISODE HERE

Lt. Col. Duncan has appeared on Take 5 Ministries, Tucker Carlson, Dr. Sebastian Gorka (America First), SGT Report, Defeat the Mandates, Coffee and a Mike, Kara McKinney of OANN, Matt Lohmeier Show, Patriots with Grit, Tall Tales with Taco, and Gateway 2 Freedom.

He is working alongside many wonderful Patriots in order to ensure the American people understand what is happening within their Department of Defense and the Nation at large.

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