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Military Denies Lt. Col. Hortenstine Constitutional Rights, Bars him from Flying, Leading Marines

Larry Kaifesh sat down this week with Lt Col Hank Hortenstine, who entered the USMC in January of 2003 and later completed flight training earning his Naval Aviator wings in 2005. Watch the entire interview here

After learning to fly his tactical platform, the UH-1N Huey, he joined the “Vipers” of Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 169 (HMLA-169) completing 3 successive combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan with his squadron.

Lt Col Hortenstine went on to serve as a search and rescue pilot stateside and then transitioned to fly international cargo and passenger missions and has accumulated over 4,400 flight hours while serving as an instructor pilot in multiple fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

Two days after submitting his religious accommodation seeking exemption from the COVID shot mandate, he was grounded from all flying duties and subsequently removed from his installation Executive Officer leadership position. To date Lt Col Hortenstine remains prohibited from flying, from leading Marines, and has been repeatedly denied voluntary retirement. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check Out the petition Circulating AND PLEASE SIGN!!!!

Petition for a Congressional Investigation of Illegal Department of Defense Activity (Joshua Hoppe started this petition)

This Petition to Congress is open for anyone to sign whether you are Military, DoD Civilian, or a Concerned Citizen of the United States of America who believes in the rule of law and the statutory protections provided by the Constitution which so many of us have sworn to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Here is the Whistleblower Report of Illegal DoD Activity of 15 Aug 22.

Here is Senator Ron Johnson's Letter to the DoD, FDA, and CDC on 18 Aug 22.

Please sign this petition to request that Congress fully investigate the illegal actions of the DoD surrounding these mandates. The Petition will remain open as long as necessary. The first wave of signatures was sent to Congress on 1 Sep 22 with over 5,000 signatures! The second wave of signatures was sent on 3 Oct 22. The next date we will be sending this to Congress is Tuesday, November 1st. Let's break 10k+ signatures before then!

Please share on all your social media platforms, directly with your family and friends, and with any organization that can send it out to their contacts as well!

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