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Texas 128 State House Primary Race Interview with Bianca Gracia Taking on Briscoe Cain

Updated: Mar 3

Please find my deep-dive into the Texas 128 House District Republican Primary that everyone is watching between Conservative Republican Bianca Gracia, founder of Latinos for Trump and grassroots activist for securing everyone's Constitutional Rights and Freedoms. Bianca spoke candidly about her primary opponent, establishment entrenched Bush-family ally State Rep Incumbent for District 128 Briscoe Cain. She explains in-depth how Cain was one of the lead managers that launched the unlawful and illegitimate impeachment of AG Ken Paxton last year, which resulted in him being fully acquitted with NO EVIDENCE OF ANY CRIME. We need fighters like Bianca not witch hunt shills carrying the water for corrupt establishment NOT serving the people of the state. You can learn more about Bianca at her website or donate to her at

Link for the interview can be found below:

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