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The Core of American Politics is Rotten and Needs to be Removed

Situation Update: February 18, 2022

“We all come to Capitol Hill to do the right thing and fight for what is best for America. However, within a very short amount of time, we start making decisions we would have never even thought about before arriving.”

Rot in American politics is not a party issue, it’s an American issue! The career politicians over the decades have become more sinister in their quest to seize more power, control, and money at the expense of the country and citizens. While this small class of establishment politicians, from both parties, prosper and benefit, the country, and its citizens suffer the consequences.

When I was a Congressional Fellow, a former U.S. Congressman, whom, out of respect for his privacy, I will not name, told me something very telling.

The former Congressman said, “We all come to Capitol Hill to do the right thing and fight for what is best for America. However, within a very short amount of time, we start making decisions we would have never even thought about before arriving.”

In other words, corruption sets in quick, whether it be from selling oneself out for money, selling the country out for personal gain, aligning forces with nefarious actors for degenerate reasons, or simply justifying any means to get to their ends; power, control and money! This is the reason we need term limits.

No example of corruption may be as powerful as when Joe Biden, whose family has taken millions from the Chinese, pulled out of Afghanistan in an embarrassing fashion in order to succumb to China’s wishes. The Chinese quickly moved into Afghanistan and took over Bagram Air Base, which the U.S. donated significant blood and treasure to build.

The Chinese are currently using Bagram Air Base as their operations center as they rape Afghanistan of its lithium, then send it back to China to be made into electric car batteries.

Remember when Biden said he was going to have half of American cars be electric by 2030? It’s not a coincidence China will be providing American car companies their lithium batteries to reach that goal.

Joe Biden and the Biden family are corrupt and compromised by the Chinese. Multiple exceptional credible sources have confirmed this such as Tony Bobulinski and Peter Schweizer in two separate books, “Profiles in Corruption” and “Red-Handed.”

This week, it was confirmed through the Durham investigation, that Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign hired a tech firm to “infiltrate” servers at Trump Tower in Manhattan and at the White House in order to link Donald Trump to Russia.

When President Trump stated his campaign was being spied upon, he was completely right, and it was Hillary Clinton who was the one colluding with the Russians. The only way this could happen is to have deep operators in high positions in virtually every government agency and department. This is a clear indicator of how rotten the core of American politics has become particularly during the Obama years where the government was heavily weaponized!

Hillary, like all Democrats, has mastered the art of - inoculation. This is when you blame your opponent of doing what you are actually doing. This is done with the intent to cast doubt on one’s opponent and to introduce the crime to the population. This is done so that when the truth finally does come out on the crime, case in point, “Colluding with the Russians,” the story is already tired, although no less important to prosecute.

In this case, it has been proven through Mueller’s two-year investigation and the Durham Report, that it was Hillary Clinton and the Democrats colluding with the Russians AND THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA, and NOT President Trump!

When we look to see where all this corruption is coming from, it is from Biden, Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, Durbin and Harris. All but Harris are in their 70s or older and all have been in government for over 40 years.

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” according to an often-echoed quote.

It is proven here with these entrenched corrupt politicians that are a long way from arriving on Capitol Hill, committed to doing the right thing!

It would be extremely beneficial for America and her citizens to get rid of any politician that has been around for more than 12 years. Then to put 12 years as the absolute term limit for the House and Senate. We would lose some good ones in this process but make a great contribution to eradicating the corruption of cronyism. Think about all those wretched souls, like those listed above, that have been abusing their positions for all these decades and how positively impactful it would be to have them gone! The members will unfortunately never support this initiative, but if they truly cared for America, they would!

Every department and agency will need to be scrubbed by an independent commission, of all their members that have been weaponized and no longer support justice, right and freedom.

What is needed most today is truth and transparency in our media calling out this corruption, instead of colluding with it and a Department of Justice that is not complicit to tyranny but like a rabid pit bull on any and all injustices across America.

May God Bless America, Especially Now!

Quote of the Day

"It is one of the severest tests of friendship to tell your friend his faults. So to love a man that you cannot bear to see a stain upon him, and to speak painful truth through loving words, that is friendship." - HENRY WARD BEECHER

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