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The Covenant of Death Pushed by HHS and the CDC

Only when the truth is known to the masses, will we be able to address this Covenant of Death pushed by HHS and the CDC through the “COVID-19 Vaccine,” and start seeking justice!

Please sea Dr. Thorp interview below:

The esteemed Dr. Jim Thorp was fired for sharing the truth about the lethality of the “vaccine.”

The people that fired Dr. Thorp, praised him for being A person of extremely high moral, ethical, and intellectual, integrity.” They went on to call him a “model physician.”

However, they fired him for what they said were financial reasons, even though he was the lead money producer for the system.

In other words Dr. Thorp was Tucker Carlson-ed, fired as the lead money maker for his organization, for telling the truth!

Truth always invites academic debate … Deception lies and fascism abhor questions and rely on gas lighting, censoring and firing.

Dr. Thorp was offered the option to work for 120 days, per his contract, for a no cause termination, or accept a very large sum of money and sign a separation agreement with a gag order!

Dr. Thorp told them he would not accept the money! He was then pressured to take the money and sign the agreement. Dr. Thorp respectfully declined three times. Shortly after his third decline from the pressure, an email was sent out to his colleagues and staff stating that he was immediately fired from the clinic, implying for serious reasons.

Dr. Thorp has confirmation that there is a Covenant of Death which the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists signed, where they took a massive amount of money, preventing them from deviating from the death narrative coming from HHS and CDC!

I had the honor and privilege of interviewing Dr. Thorp earlier this year on his exceptional research and findings. He is a man of incomparable integrity, commitment and courage! We must stand with him, support him and the others being persecuted.

As we have come to learn, the only people we should be listening to are the ones that are attacked, censored and cancelled. Those are the brave souls telling the truth knowing the evil globalists will be coming to try and take them down! The globalists can't win, when we stay together committed to truth, transparency and justice!

May God Bless Dr. Thorp, you and the United States of America!

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