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The Indictment of President Trump is Just the Tip of the Iceberg of the Tyranny Ahead of Us

By Ret. Marine Col. Larry Kaifesh

April 6, 2023

Many are conflicted about what happened to President Trump in New York. For many, they are disheartened as they witnessed their country fall from greatness in a major way, looking no different than the Soviet Union during their peak of Communism, or a third world banana republic, blatantly corrupt and not even trying to hide it. We had the likely Republican nominee for the Presidency, President Donald J. Trump, of the United States of America be indicted.

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Many others were gleeful, primarily because they have been programmed to hate a man through a sophisticated propaganda and misinformation campaign being pushed by corporate media owned by globalists.

These people hate President Trump, but if you asked them why, they would likely not be able to tell you anything specific other than, orange man bad, or come up with some bumper sticker talking point repeated from the same poisoned corporate media outlets.

It should be no surprise that Biden is intimately aligned with the globalists, as is most of the Democrat Party and too many Republicans.

You see, we have essentially one party in DC, the uni-party, and they are committed to the globalist agenda of a one world authoritarian, dystopian government that want to put us all into a digital concentration camp.

Those leading the charge to run the one world government, are essentially those at the top of finance, politics and business from the UN Countries.

Biden and the globalists realize President Trump is the biggest obstacle for them to achieve their goal of this one world government.

For them, it is imperative for America to collapse in order to bring in the new one world government. President Trump, committed to Making America Great Again, dismantles everything the globalists want, a destroyed America and a global government Built Back Better for them, and a hell on earth for us.

When I see people attacking President Trump, the only man fighting for their unalienable rights, and supporting Biden and the globalists, it reaffirms the studies highlighting approximately only 15% of the population are capable of critically thinking.

The critical thinkers did not buy the desperate attempts by the globalists to be injected with an experimental “vaccine” to address which was not much more than a flu.

The non-critical thinkers were the ones racing to get the “vaccine” and boosters, but now are confused by the new phenomena of sudden adult death syndrome, cases of myocarditis and neurological issues in countless victims.

Let’s be clear on what the indictment is really about. It is about taking President Trump out of the race and the globalists are getting desperate!

They have tried for over seven years to take President Trump down and have failed, however, they were successful at stealing the 2020 election and no rational critical thinking person believes for a second Biden won that election, let alone received a record number of votes!

Now after three years of the utter destruction of America under Biden and the globalists, they are going to try and steal the election in 2024, but they can’t do it without an excuse. Why would any rational American vote for Biden again? They wouldn’t.

For Biden and the globalists to steal another election, they need an excuse, and they are already stating, it will be because President Trump was indicted and there are multiple other investigations taking place to try and find something to derail President Trump! This is all evil globalist political calculations.

They believe the American people will buy off on this, and sadly, for many of those victims of the propaganda, they will, most others, if awoken but not woke, won’t.

It should also be known that the globalists are using this indictment to distract from the complete deliberate dismantling of America. Under Biden the globalist, record inflation is robbing Americans of their savings and pensions.

The rapidly rising interest rates are destroying banks, businesses and the ability for average Americans to get a loan. The BRICS collective, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, are working on a common currency in an attempt to ditch the US dollar and push back against America's dominance.

The war on gas and oil, is only going to continue to cost more at the pump and everything America produces and ships. The deliberately provoked war in Ukraine against Russia is bleeding American resources and making Russia stronger and now aligned with China.

The attacks on our children through deviant sex education, grooming and pushing of trans-genders is causing irreparable harm and will have detrimental effects on their sexuality and ability to have healthy relationships, let alone family and children in the future.

The open borders are allowing record border crossings flush with drugs and bad guys. In short, Biden the globalist has deliberately attacked America for nefarious reasons and has lied directly to the American people on most every single issue!

Compare that to what President Trump was able to do during his four years, where he became one of the finest and most productive Presidents in our Nation’s history and definitely over the last 100 years! President Trump was able to give us one of the most vibrant economies in the history of the world with record unemployment for blacks, Hispanics and Asians.

Middle Class family incomes went up on average by $6,000. Brought over 1.2 million manufacturing jobs back to the US. The DOW closed above 20,000 for the first time in 2017 and topped 30,000 in 2020. Signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – the largest tax reform package in history. Ended the regulatory assault on American businesses and workers, instead of 2-for-1, he eliminated 8 old regulations for every 1 new regulation adopted. Imposed tariffs on hundreds of billions worth of Chinese goods to protect American jobs and stop China’s abuses.

For the first time in nearly 70 years, the United States became a net energy exporter. Recognized Jerusalem as the true capital of Israel and quickly moved the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and created peace in the Middle-East by having several Islamic countries recognize Israel.

It is clear to see that there is no way any rational, critical thinker would support Biden the globalist over President Trump, the patriot, so they are going into overdrive to try everything to try and harm his candidacy. There is no question the globalists are deeply immersed in our government, so it is critical for WE the people do what is right and call their evil intentions out!

We must stop listening to any corporate media, unless we understand it’s propaganda and they are pushing the globalist agenda. We must focus more on sources that have been cancelled, censored or attacked. It’s not a surprise President Trump is the most cancelled, censored and attacked person in the world!

When the most evil group of people in the world, Biden with the globalists, try to destroy someone fighting their dystopian hellish agenda, all Americans need to get behind that person and demand justice for Biden's crimes against our country!

There is no one Biden and the globalists want to destroy more than President Trump! We need to all get behind President Trump and get him elected so we can hold these bastards accountable for the damage they have done and Make America Great Again!

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Hi Larry and thank you for your post.

We know the 2020 election was stolen. Many tried and failed to expose and/ overturn thus supporting corruption claims. I hear much complaining but what distinctly has changed to provide voters a fair election in 2024? If there's not enough fixin in place, 2024 will be a repeated lying outcome of 2020.. Breaking down the many components related to their successful steal, has the Republican party strategically positioned measurements in place to counter their plan to steal another Presidential election? THIS is the needed dialogue....

Conservatives are well-versed to the long list of Bidens treachery.

Plans, Actions and Execution is what I do NOT hear and this is making me worry,


Gefällt mir
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