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The Raid at Mar-a-Lago Is Not About Documents, or Jan 6, It’s About Nov 3 and the Stolen Election


Colonel, Larry Kaifesh, USMC ret.

“By the same standard of statistical analysis that the left applies to everything, it is easy to prove that the election was stolen from Donald Trump.”

It is a direct insult to the intelligence of every single American by this administration, along with its corrupt propaganda arm, the corporate media, to say the 3 November 2020 election was not stolen from President Donald J. Trump and it was the fairest in history. This is the Big Lie and every rational person who is breathing knows it.

The fraud and stolen election were executed sloppily, and the evidence is overwhelming in the data, documentaries, anomalies, affidavits, testimonies, and videos taking place real time from multiple counties and states!

The most obvious way to confirm the Big Lie, is by watching members of this administration and the corrupt corporate media outlets all saying the same thing. As Lara Logan has highlighted before, the easiest way to know the media is lying to you, is to see them all saying the exact same thing as they read off a teleprompter regurgitating poisonous talking points!

It is no surprise that elections have been fraudulent to a large degree since machines were introduced to our elections around 2004. Even just a few years ago numerous Democrats, such as Adam Schiff, Sheila Jackson Lee, Amy Klobuchar and Kamal Harris were obsessed with fears of voting machines being hacked prior to the 2020 elections! Now that the Democrats have control of the hacking and are organized to conduct fraud, their silence on this felonious crime is deafening.

With all the sloppy evidence of a fraudulent and stolen election on 3 November 2020, the Democrats knew they had to do something to change the narrative. They looked at the protest of the stolen election on Jan 6 as their gift horse. It was the perfect opportunity to change the narrative and they did so by injecting a few bad actors like Ray Epps, agitators like James Sullivan, and facilitators like federal agents and Capitol Hill Police Officers to entrap a few participants with trespassing, and then call it an insurrection.

Never forget these are the same people that lied to us for three years about Russian Collusion, then tried to impeach President Trump twice on false accusations to which he was acquitted both times. Additionally, we should never forget we have a man in the White House, who can be seen through open-source media outlets, committing treason by using his family members as a crime syndicate, taking money from the Chinese, Russians and Ukrainians all for personal gain at the expense of the country!

Yes, DC is rotten to the core, and it is going to be up to WE the people to ensure it becomes right and just!

Please note, this is a battle not between Republicans and Democrats but between Patriots and Traitors, Good and Evil!

The Biden/Obama Administration are evil traitor globalists committed to a one world communist dystopian government, which would be hell on earth! They know President Donald J. Trump will end their destructive and evil agenda and must try to take him down! We must ensure President Trump is successful fighting the tyrants, for success is our only option, WE have a country to save!

The entire Jan 6 hearing is not about a falsely defined insurrection, and the raid on Mar-a-Lago is not about documents, they are both about hiding the fact that the election was stolen on 3 November 2020 from President Donald J. Trump and to try and charge him with a crime so that he can never run again.

It is imperative WE the people push back Ten-Fold to every lie carried out by the evil traitors! When they tell a lie, we need to tell the truth ten times. When we do this, we will promote truth and goodness while minimize lies and evil.

Push back with truth by pushing what we all know! TRUMP WON!

Please find the link below for a T-Shirt stating Loud and Clear TRUMP WON and, on the back, the Top 11 Anomalies Proving Voter Fraud!

“The FBI raiding Donald Trump is unprecedented. It is corrupt & an abuse of power. What Nixon tried to do; Biden has now implemented: The Biden Admin has fully weaponized the DOJ & FBI to target their political enemies.”

~Senator Ted Cruz

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