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The tyranny of mask mandates aim to promote fear & obedience, not health

Daily Situation Update: February 7, 2022

Judge Raylene Grischow, in Sangamon County, IL ruled on Friday, Feb. 4, 2022 against Democrat Governor J.B. Pritzker's mask mandate inside school buildings, in response to lawsuits involving parents and teachers from more than 150 districts.

Judge Grischow stated, “The arbitrary method as to contact tracing and masking in general continue to raise fair questions as to the legality of the Executive Orders in light of violations of healthy children’s substantive due process rights.”

Grischow added, “Statutory rights have attempted to be bypassed through the issuance of Executive Orders and Emergency Rules … This type of evil is exactly what the law was intended to constrain.”

Gov. Pritzker in response to Judge Grischow’s ruling stated that it "cultivates chaos" and that, "poor legal reasoning should not take one of our most effective tools off the table so again, I have asked the attorney general to continue to aggressively appeal this decision."

Does anyone believe that Pritzker, or anyone else pushing these mandates care more about our health or our children’s more than we do?

Judge Grischow had it exactly right when she called these mandates a type of evil, which is exactly what the law intended to constrain!

The courageous UCSF Professor, Vinay Prasad, has made clear the masks still don’t work even though the CDC (via a MMWR paper) recently published a study trying really hard to convince us that they do.

Professor Prasad decimates the latest nonsense from CDC in a Substack article that everyone should read.

Dr. Jim Meehan, MD wrote a great article stating that the CoVID-19 pandemic is about viral transmission. Surgical and cloth masks do nothing to prevent viral transmission. We should all realize by now that face masks have never been shown to prevent or protect against viral transmission. Which is exactly why they have never been recommended for use during the seasonal flu outbreak, epidemics, or previous pandemics.

He goes on to state that the public is being told to wear masks for which they have not been trained in the proper techniques. As a result, they are mishandling, frequently touching, and constantly reusing masks in a way that increase contamination and are more likely than not to increase transmission of disease.

Despite COVID-19 metrics “going in the right direction,” Pritzker on Friday still wouldn’t say when he’ll lift the mask mandates.

If the masks don’t work and the metrics are going in the right direction, why is Pritzker and others so emphatic about pushing on the muzzles?

It should be clear that with Socialist tyrants, the issue is never the issue, and oppression is the priority.

The masks have never been about health, they have been about obedience training and domination. Those pushing Socialism despise the freedoms associated with American life, thus the reason those freedoms have been attacked through fear mongering, from the very beginning of the plandemic.

Socialism can’t take hold with freedom loving people relishing in their God given unalienable rights of life, liberty and an ability to pursue happiness. This is why the Socialist tyrants are so desperate to strip us of our civil liberties, force an experimental jab and push on masks. It is to break the soul of freedom loving Americans and to create a new normal where God’s unalienable rights are a mere memory. At this point, any crumb of freedom or reprieve of despotism, provided by the soulless tyrants, will appear to be a gift. Let it be clear, the lifting of the mask mandate, is not a gift, it is the return of a freedom that should have never been taken to begin with.

What has been done with these mandates has been evil. They must end, and those responsible for pushing them should suffer the consequences of justice! So help us God!

Quote of the Day

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul … than the way in which it treats its children”

― Nelson Mandela

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