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Virtually everything over the Last 60 Years Told to Us by the Government, and their Propaganda Consortium, has been a Lie!


“The world has no room for cowards.”

~Robert Louis Stevenson

There was a very good conversation between Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump Jr., where several outstanding points were made, but the one I thought stood out the most, was this one: 

Donald Trump Jr.: Even knowing that I was a target, I still believed because I wanted to believe … America is the greatest place in the world … it’s the FBI [suggesting they’re awesome] … there are some door kickers … eventually, those guys are going to have to speak up though, right?

Tucker Carlson: We are long past that time.

Donald Trump Jr.: I gave the door kickers a pass for way too long, hey they can’t go against the leadership ... When you are watching this kind of bastardization of justice, this sort of lop sided level … they spend more time kicking down the doors of an Amish farmer selling unpasteurized milk than actually going after people committing terrorism because they are trans or whatever it is that they are. You really lose that ability to get that pass that I really wanted to give… I wanted to believe that everything I grew up believing was accurate … it is all bullshit!

Tucker Carlson: I know

Donald Trump Jr.: That is why we fight now!

This is a very critical piece of information. We are long past the time for those who should be fighting for right, freedom, their Oath and the Constitution, to step up. 

We have had a couple whistleblowers in the FBI and some patriots in the military who have stood up to the vaccine and demanded those responsible for the Afghanistan debacle, be held accountable. This is awesome and God bless these patriots. However, this is a fraction of a fraction of the numbers that have seen tyranny and looked the other way or just simply ignored it!  This is unacceptable. 

Every single member, and especially decision makers, in the military, FBI, CIA, DoJ, DoD, DoED, IRS, not to exclude elected officials and government employees should be stepping up and calling out the rotten corruption designed to destroy America. Instead they distract and talk about some irrelevant issue while the country and its foundation is being demolished.

Let’s keep it simple and focus on the key player, the traitor globalist in the White House, whose strings are being pulled by the globalist deep state operators, starting with Obama. Obama is controlling Biden to deliberately take actions that are designed to destroy America.

Anyone not calling out Biden as a Traitor deliberately destroying America is an accomplice to treason and the death of freedom here and around the world, if not stopped.

What good is being fearful and saving your job, when we don’t have a country? The hell that will be ushered in if the globalists are successful, will be for everyone.  Those who should act and have not, will not be immune from the hell for showing cowardice, in fact, those will be the first ones killed for knowing too much, and showing no spine.

We must all Fear nothing and Fight for Right and Freedom, especially those whose function is to fight! 

The complete interview can be found by clicking here.

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