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Where are our Military Leaders Who Swore an Oath of Office to Support and Defend the Constitution?

As the traitors in the White House and throughout the DC Establishment Continue to Systematically Destroy America, our Military Leaders and Elected Officials, DO NOTHING!

Michael Yon as a journalist is a rare breed, he’s direct, honest and committed to truth and transparency - consequences be damned! Fortunately for us, he is also a warrior, who as an embedded journalist, in order to save Command Sergeant Major Robb Prosser, who was fighting hand to hand with an Al Qaeda member in Mosul, Iraq, picked up a weapon and grabbed a magazine from a lieutenant frozen in fear, and killed the terrorist! Instead of being given an award, he was reprimanded by the Army. If you wonder what is wrong with America, this is as clear as it gets. America has lost it’s way, and has forgotten what it is to have honor, courage and commitment.

I’ve said often, if you want the truth go to the people who have been cancelled, censored or attacked. Michael Yon is one of those people. You won’t see him on any corporate media outlet in a suit and tie pushing fabricated talking points, trying to be cute and funny, but instead, wearing something khaki or olive drab in an austere area, covered in dirt and with the presence of death all around, pushing the ugly truths over the pretty lies in a blunt and direct manner. God Bless Him!

Michael has said something with his latest piece, something which I wholeheartedly agree with and something that needs to be heard by every American:

“Civilization is being destroyed. Generals and Admirals should be resigning en-masse. I find it deeply bothersome when the puppets continue to salute Biden while grinding our young people into mulch under jabs and communist indoctrination.”

No truer words have ever been spoken! If America is to survive we need more blunt truth, transparency and courageous warriors doing everything to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, so help us God!

For the full article by Michael Yon, please click on the link below and share far and wide:

To Right and Freedom and May all Globalists Rot in Hell!

Get Some!

Larry Kaifesh

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