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Constitutional Colonel Says the 'Erosion of Liberty is Coming from All Directions'

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Larry Kaifesh

January 7, 2022

The Erosion of Liberty is Coming from All Directions...

Free Speech is Now "Dangerous" to Our Health? Or Maybe it is in fact that Free People Hearing More Information and Data is Dangerous to the Sinister and Self-Serving Narrative of Big Pharma, Compromised Politicians, Paid-Off Bureaucrats, Big Tech, Corporations and Bias Media?

I was recently asked to speak at a rally in Chicago, IL on January 3, 2022 regarding the need for Illinoisans to Unite and Stand Up against the numerous attacks we are experiencing of our rights as free people.

In my speech, I railed against the malfeasance of Big Pharma, Politicians, Bureaucrats, Big Tech and Corporations pushing an experimental vaccine on the global population without transparency in the numbers of people who are dying and getting injured from it. Meanwhile, the vaccines have injected BILLIONS into Big Pharma, the same entities that have paid off numerous bureaucrats and politicians through lobbying.

To elaborate more than I did during my Chicago speech on January 3, 2022, the recent Government Data Reveals Over 946k People Suffered Injuries or Death from Covid-19 Vaccinations.

The CDC reported that the vaccine injuries and deaths as of January 2022 is here:

In July 2021, OANN reported COVID Vaccine Deaths Top 9k, CDC And European Regulators Investigate Potentially Deadly Heart Inflammation

OANN reported on the mass misinformation of the pandemic

We are dealing with a mass population clearly being inundated with the supposed "need" for mass vaccination (by an experimental vaccine) that Big Pharma now doesn't have to provide data and stats to for at least 75 years, Read about this fact for yourself!

Meanwhile, even though those pushing the vaccine cite "trust the science," they don't want transparency on what other doctors and scientists are saying, dubbing opposition opinions, research and data as "misinformation."

We are in new dangerous territory during the start of the New Year 2022, and two years into the Chinese Virus pandemic, because the Big Pharma vaccines are now being pushed on our children.

That's where my own story comes in...

In late November 2021, the bias left wing media unleashed their wrath on me for daring to send an email to parents of a Chicago military academy, where I was a commandant. (The Logan Square military academy.) In that email I expressed an "Important Update" parents to let them know I wasn't at school due to testing positive for COVID-19.

"I was surprised with the test results as I have no major symptoms minus some sinus congestion," I said in the email.

I told parents that I chose not to get vaccinated because of statistics I found on, a government website that tracks rare reactions to vaccines through the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

The commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health, Dr. Allison Arwady, CPS CEO Pedro Martinez both reportedly said that I was removed from the school for "spreading false information about vaccines, which is contrary to everything Dr. Arwady and I have been preaching and speaking about."

This was an absolute lie. These two are advocates of the city's approach to tracking and minimizing the spread of the new Omicron variant. We all want to minimize the spread of the virus, but we also want the REAL data and information on the virus and the vaccines supposedly being administered to the mass population.

By the way, to question science IS science!

I cited in my email (pictured above) to parents that the OpenVAERS site raised suspicions about the safety of the vaccine, saying it identified "18,853 Vaccine Reported Deaths and 94,537 Vaccine Reported Hospitalizations as of 12 Nov 2021."

"It should be noted, these numbers are believed to be only 1% of the real numbers," I said.

"These numbers are very concerning, and it would be valuable to review this website and the numbers with your doctor before getting the vaccine or a booster," I stated further in the email.

I cited the Unity Project, which was created and supported by a group of globally esteemed experts in health care and science highlighting the dangers of vaccinating children.

"These sources are both very credible and important to review especially if thinking about getting the vaccine or booster.

So Martinez and Arwady are fully implored to continue to urge families to get their children vaccinated against Covid-19. But I can't speak out about data and information that may prove to be a gamechanger for parents, who may already have reservations of vaccinating their kids with an experimental vaccination that hasn't even been on the market that long.

How is it helpful to society to have bureaucrats only allowed to "preach" (using their words) what they were told by Chicago communist Mayor Lori Lightfoot, while other information from doctors and scientists out there, (which is needed to make an informed health decision), are being shunned and suppressed by Big Tech, because it is "contrary to everything we have been preaching about," according to CPS CEO Martinez's own reported words.

As soon as The Chicago Sun Times and other news outlets, including The Daily Herald did their bias pieces on me, parents responded to defend and show appreciation for my "thoughtful, considerate and honest email to parents at the school." See image below screen shot from The Daily Herald article.

The news coverage by the Chicago press spurred U.S. Senate Candidate Bobby Piton to even chime in.

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