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Gen. McInerney Delves into Crooked Clapper and Calls for Everyone to Start Demanding Election Audits

General Thomas McInerney is back this week for a second part of an exclusive interview he shared to give us the rundown on: NORAD, the Chinese Communist Party balloon, the failures of the Biden Administration in recent weeks derelict in keeping our air space safe and ignoring the taxpaying citizens of Ohio affected by the negligent and suspicious train derailment that has resulted in toxic plumes destroying the town of Palestine and surrounding communities.

He again reiterates each and every citizen's duty to get involved to demand audits of their elections in each county of each state in order to get accountability for the real reason why all the destruction is continuing ever since the stolen election of 2020 and now 2022. If we can't get transparency in our elections and demand audits and accountability, the destruction by "selected" leaders and not "elected" patriots will continue onward to drive our country and its future off a cliff. We will lose our country, it's plain and simple.

Gen. McInerney states that we need to recognize this is our generation's battle of the bulge, and we can't sit back and watch communists destroy the beautiful freedom we enjoy in America in exchange for the globalist dystopian hellhole they plan by 2030. We must lock arms and say no to any One World or New World Order propaganda that will elevate the evil crooked rich elites to full control over a population they only want to see decimated to a mere 500.0 million people.

Gen. McInerney also went into depth to share a bit more insight on who the liar James Clapper is, who along with other bad actors holding highest security clearances (under the corrupt Obama Administration), has perpetrated egregious misjustice, and frankly some may say "treason" for peddling the lie that our President Donald J. Trump was colluding with the Russians, and lying that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation. Now Clapper is back in the spotlight walking back his lies, but We the People shall not be fooled again by this sinister traitor to our country.

As we stated with Part 1 of the interview with General McInerney, fraud ridden elections through meddling by communists have elevated communist sympathizers and compromised politicians who sold out their country (the Biden crime family) to leadership positions to do the bidding of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

CCP seizing power through fraudulent elections have dire consequences not only here in America, but also triggering the destabilization of our world geopolitically as we have learned the last two years.

In this exclusive two-part interview with Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. General Thomas McInerney, he lays out the truth of the Chinese Communist Party infiltration in our governments worldwide, spreading Marxist ideologies throughout the populations and weakening our military.

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