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Our Children Need Your Help Immediately!

It is Tragic to Pass the Emergency Use Authorization so Infants and Children can Receive the COVID Shots

There is no emergency whatsoever for children from COVID, therefore there is no justification for issuing an Emergency Use Authorization.

Dear Friends,

Many of you know I am adamant about terminating COVID vaccinations, especially for our children, who have essentially zero risk of dying from COVID (99.9995% recovery rate) and the vast majority of kids have very little to no symptoms.

In November of 2021, when the CEO of Chicago Public Schools, Pedro Martinez, gave the entire school district the day off, so that parents could take their 5 to 11 year olds to get vaccinated or boosted, I could not sit by and watch this child abuse and took action.

I sent an email immediately to the parents and cadets of the Military Academy where I was the Commandant, and asked them to talk to their doctors about the number of deaths and hospitalizations found on Open VAERS, which presents the data from the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System in an easy to read format, before getting the vaccination or booster.

It should be no surprise, I was suspended immediately and fired shortly afterwards for doing what was legally required by Common Law, to provide informed consent and identify both the risks and benefits of any drug or vaccination, especially an experimental vaccine. I bring this up to highlight the level of evil tyranny present in our government, departments, agencies, and even our school districts, pushing a vaccination, we know kills!

The tyrants are not giving up on hurting our children. On Tuesday and Wednesday, June 14 and 15, the FDA VRBPAC committee is likely to make a catastrophic decision by voting to grant Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) to allow for infants and young children to receive Pfizer’s and Moderna’s COVID shots.

Please take 30 seconds to tell your lawmakers to STOP the FDA from granting EUAs for COVID vaccines in babies and children by sending Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s letter to FDA VRBPAC committee members. His letter lays out all of the available science and data that proves vaccinating children for COVID is not only unnecessary, but will recklessly endanger their lives.

Use the form hyperlinked here to tell your lawmakers to STOP THE FDA from harming our children with these disastrous shots.

Please push this to everyone you know, especially those with children!

Evil cannot survive the light and that is what truth provides! This information is the ugly truth needed to eliminate the evil!

To Right and Freedom!

Larry Kaifesh

Constitutional Colonel

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