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Biden, the Traitor Amongst Us


Colonel, Larry Kaifesh, USMC ret.

“…They’re [China] not bad folks, folks. But guess what, they’re not competition for us.”

~ Joe Biden

To start, let’s pretend there were no issues with the 2020 election and that Biden legitimately won. To do so, we will have to pretend the following reports, studies, videos, press conferences, news stories, testimonies, affidavits, books, documentaries, legislation and questions do not exist. Only for this exercise, please pretend the following do not exist:

The Navarro Report: The three volumes of the Navarro Report proved widespread fraud and election irregularities. Evidence came from more than 50 lawsuits and judicial rulings, thousands of affidavits and declarations, testimony in a variety of state venues, published analyses by think tanks and legal centers etc.

2,000 Mules: The documentary shows through video, how ballot boxes were stuffed over several weeks during the 2020 election cycle. The evidence is so damning Fox news would note even allow the mention of the documentary name! FYI – All corporate media outlets are owned by the globalists and are promoting their agenda.

Selection Code: A documentary capturing how the voting machines were breached and manipulated, ensuring the selection, not election of political candidates.

Drop and Role Presentation: The researchers that put this presentation together stated the 2020 American elections are a mess. A year and a half later and they are uncovering more evidence that reaffirms the final results in 2020 never should have been certified.

Maria Zack’s Shattering Testimony on Election Fraud: Maria is a credible and credentialed expert who releases never before heard information on the 2020 election. What happened in 2020? What happened to the Italian witnesses? Who benefits from election INSECURITY? Italy, China, Satellites and more.

RIGGED: A book based on Mollie Hemingway's exclusive interviews with campaign officials, reporters, Supreme Court justices, and President Trump himself, it exposes the fraud and cynicism behind the Democrats' historic power-grab.

Absolute Proof: The powerful documentary funded by Mike Lindell regarding the theft of the 2020 election.

Texas GOP approves measure declaring Biden ‘was not legitimately elected:’“We [Texas GOP] reject the certified results of the 2020 presidential election, and we hold that acting President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was not legitimately elected by the people of the United States,” the platform reads.

Wisconsin Candidates for Office, Call for Decertification of 2020 Elections: The candidates shared that if the drop boxes are not legal under election law, then the ballots that were collected in drop boxes in the 2020 Election were not legitimate and the election should be decertified.

Maricopa County Republican Leadership Passes Unanimous Resolution Rejecting the 2020 Presidential Election Results: In a unanimous vote, the Maricopa County Republican Committee Executive Board voted on to approve a resolution rejecting the certification of the 2020 presidential election for Joe Biden.

Election Fraud in Georgia: Tucker Carlson discusses the duplicated ballots, fabricated tally sheets, and election fraud in Georgia.

Election Fraud in Michigan: Video of van delivering pallets of ballots in the middle of the night, another example of fraud, nefarious activities.

Election Fraud in Pennsylvania: Video of election officials ripping up ballots to be burned, a direct attack on voter integrity.

The Uncovering of Election Fraud Press Conference: Press conference highlighting the shipment of fraudulent pallets of ballots from New York to Pennsylvania that corrupted the election.

The Michigan News channel that posted results for this year’s primary election, one week prior to the actual election: As if there was not enough information out highlighting in many states, there are not elections, but selections.

Let’s also pretend these four questions by Emerald Robinson do not exist:

QUESTION #1: Why do Democrats continue to insist that election fraud does not exist — and that such “baseless claims” have been “debunked” — when prominent Democrats insisted (in 2017 and 2018 and 2019 and 2020) that election fraud does exist and it’s a very big problem?

QUESTION #2: Why were 78 million American votes from 800 counties in seven states sent overseas to be “handled” by a bankrupt Spanish company in Barcelona called SCYTL in 2020? Why is SCYTL’s biggest customer the Department of Defense? Why would the Department of Defense subcontract the “processing” of 78 million American votes to a foreign company? For that matter, why is the Department of Defense involved in our elections at all?

QUESTION #3: Why did the Associated Press just publish an article that admitted Dominion voting machines are vulnerable to hacking — and must be fixed immediately with software patches in 16 states? Why did the federal government’s own cybersecurity agency (CISA) send out a bulletin to state election officials on June 3rd that warned them about nine security vulnerabilities that must be addressed?

QUESTION #4: Why has a federal judge in Georgia refused to release a report by a cybersecurity expert who inspected Dominion voting machines and found them vulnerable to hacking and manipulation? Why is Judge Amy Totenberg opposed to the public release of J. Alex Halderman’s special report regarding the vulnerability of electronic voting machines?

This list could go on indefinitely, but you get the idea. The sloppiness of the 2020 stolen election exceeds any sane person’s imagination and there is no greater insult to the American people’s intelligence, then from those who lie and suggest the 2020 election was fair and not stolen.

This is the greatest assault inflicted on the American people. By stealing the right of the American people to elect their own representatives, we rob them of their voice, their freedom and ability to pursue their own happiness.

So, as mentioned, let’s just pretend none of these issues and questions exist regarding the 2020 election and that Biden was actually elected and not selected. Even with this complete departure from reality, there is an even greater problem with Biden.

In short, Biden is completely compromised by the Chinese and beholden to others. We know the Biden’s have taken at least $31 million from the Chinese, over $3.5 million from the Russians and were receiving over $1 million a year from Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company before Biden left office as the Vice President. For the sake of this article we will focus only on the treason taking place with the Chinese.

Biden’s treasonous activities, selling out the country to the Chinese for personal gain is no secret. We heard Tony Bobulinski, an impeccable source and businessman who arranged several business deals between the Biden’s and Chinese say almost two years ago, “I think Joe Biden and the Biden family are Compromised.” He went on to say I have the laptops, mobile phones, emails, text messages, voice messages and business deals to prove it. The FBI was nowhere to be found. Of course we saw the same thing with the Hunter laptop from hell, the FBI is continuing to hide. It is no surprise, the Federal Government is completely weaponized and rotten to the core.

Biden is selling out America to the Chinese for personal gain. There is nothing more treacherous than that and everyone awake, not woke, knows it! Looking only at open source media outlets which are sympathetic to Biden, we know the following:

Joe Biden sold nearly ONE MILLION oil barrels from emergency reserves to state-owned Chinese gas giant that Hunter's private equity firm had $1.7B stake in. It is crystal clear that Biden will do whatever the Chinese need in a very dutiful fashion based on the money he and his family have taken from the Chinese.

Biden is seriously considering removing President Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods to curb goods prices amid soaring inflation, which would actually worsen U.S. dependence on China. “There’s a lesson that we should have learned during the time of COVID, that we cannot be dependent on the communist Chinese government on our supply chain,” Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.)

Financial records highlight Hunter Biden is directly connected to the communist Chinese government through his business dealings eighth CEFC, a company that is effectively an arm of the Chinese Government. Furthermore, it has been proven that Joe and Hunter spoke frequently about Chinese business deals and that the Biden family works as a crime syndicate with Joe Biden being the “Big Guy.”

The worst part about the Biden Afghanistan debacle is not what he did, pull out of the the country with no sound plan, leaving thousands of Americans to a hellish fate, while destroying the trust and confidence of friends and allies around the world, while sacrificing the treasure and blood of our fighting men and women for over two decades, but why he did what he did.

Biden continues to carry the water for the Chinese and take his marching orders with vigor. After Biden pulled out all US troops in a despicable fashion from Afghanistan, the Chinese moved in full force. The Chinese are now using Bagram Air Base as a base of mining operations, facilitating the raping of Afghanistan of precious minerals like Lithium. The lithium is being sent back to China to be made into car batteries to be sold to the US. It should be no surprise why Biden in his first few weeks in office, pushed so hard to have half of our cars sold in 2030 be electric or have zero emissions. Additionally, it should not be a surprise why the Biden administration is doing everything they can to destroy the fossil fuel industry and why Buttigieg, is suggesting the solution to expensive gas deliberately being pushed on the American people, is to buy an electric car. Yes, there are people that can’t go to hell fast enough!

Hunter Biden, a dysfunctional sex and drug addict with no financial background, with two other Americans, joined Chinese partners in establishing Bohai Harvest RST (BHR) an Equity Investment Fund Management Company in 2013. Hunter was able to facilitate a Chinese company’s purchase from an American company one of the world’s richest cobalt mines, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The metal is a key ingredient in batteries for electric vehicles.

So not only do we have an illegitimate person in the White House in Biden, but he is also a traitor having sold out America to the Chinese for personal gain. Wait, there is more, on top of this, Biden has two daddies and is also doing everything he can to follow the marching orders of Klaus Schwab and the Davos Globalists looking to destroy America in favor of a One World Communist Dystopian Government that will resemble hell for most of WE the people. Did I mention, this is also Obama’s third term? Yes, Biden is a prop that is very conflicted.

My dear fellow Americans, it is essential we have a Great Awakening over a Great Reset. The key is to push the truth to everyone you know and if you are hearing it on corporate media, beware. Follow the sources that are credible and credentialed, starting with Catherine Austin Fitts on Rumble!

Please note, there is no cavalry coming from the Federal Government to help, the political class in DC are all in compliance. It is up to WE the people!

To Right and Freedom! God Bless!

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.”

~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

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