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The Great Reset to Global Tyranny Part I: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

By Colonel, Larry Kaifesh, USMC ret.

“Are you willing to let the same people that have totally bungled the management of the outbreak to control your life?” ~Doctor Robert Malone

American physician and biochemist, developer of the mRNA technology

The first time I heard the term the “New World Order,” promoted by the World Economic Forum President Klaus Schwab, (and better known today as “The Great Reset,”) it was said by President George H. W. Bush in January of 1991 on the cusp of Operation Desert Storm and in the midst of the end of the Cold War.

Listening to how Bush described the “New World Order” was concerning. He used a lot of nice buzz words, but they were disjointed from reality. They were fluff and void of stuff.

What summed it up was when he said, it would be a future, “...where a credible United Nations could use its peacekeeping role to fulfil the promise and vision of the United Nation’s Founders.”

First, the United Nations then, as it is now, was an irrelevant and incapable organization that consistently over promised and under delivered.

We need to look no further than Ukraine today for confirmation of this fact.

Secondly, it was, and is, purely wrong to promote a vision of the United Nations Founders, with no credibility or accomplishments, over the vision of the brilliant and astounding Founding Fathers of the United States of America, the greatest country in the history of the world.

The fact that we had a sitting President, supporting "The Great Reset" should have been a huge alarm for all American patriots! But for most, it was written off as more empty political rhetoric, like “read my lips.”

Thirty years later, the globalists (a repugnant blend of Socialists, Marxists, Communists and Fascists) who support The Great Reset, are going all in after the scare of the 2016 election.

The globalists were given a big scare in 2016 when their then-candidate, Hillary Clinton, was supposed to win in a landslide but was beaten by an amazing, America First Populist Leader named Donald J. Trump. There is no one the globalists hate more or demonize then President Donald J. Trump, who loves America and is loved back accordingly.

The globalist’s tool du jour is creating a crisis after crisis, in order to help them usher in despotism and more government control, which normally would not be granted. Think George Floyd, Fake Russian Collusion, a Stolen Election, Insurrection, COVID-19 plandemic, Global Warming (dubbed today as "climate change,") and now Ukraine.

One cannot let a good crisis go to waste and this is the reason, we are seeing one crisis after another. The crises will not stop until the globalists are defeated!

As the globalists go all in, it is going to be up to conservatives around the planet, with an emphasis on Conservative Americans to defeat them. In short, Conservative Americans are inherently against the type of oppression and control the globalists want to immerse the global population in.

You cannot have an openly globalist society and conservative ideals at the same time in the same place. It is simply impossible.

Conservative Americans believe in limited government, free markets, individual liberty, the value of life, freedom of speech, private property rights, the right to self-defense, the right to self-determination, and freedom of religion.

If you look at the World Economic Forum’s, Great Reset, they have eight predictions/goals that are in direct opposition to the values of Conservative Americans, they are as follows:

I. You will own nothing and be happy

II. The US won’t be the world’s leading superpower

III. You won’t die waiting for an organ

IV. You will eat much less meat

V. A billion people will be displaced by climate change

VI. Polluters will have to pay to emit carbon dioxide

VII. You could be preparing to go to mars

VIII. Western value will have been tested to the breaking point

Globalists at their core are about control, regulated finances and oppression and they must be defeated! Over the next several articles, we will talk about what we must do to ensure victory, because success is our only option, failure is not! WE have a country to save!

Quote of the Day

“The socialists, globalists, Marxists, communists who are attacking our civilization have no idea of the sleeping giant they have awoken …

They cannot even begin to imagine the brave and righteous spirit they have unleashed in men and women, like all you here today!”

~President Donald J. Trump

CPAC 2022


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1 Comment

Suzette McFarland
Suzette McFarland
Mar 11, 2022

Excellent article! You nailed it! There are still dumb dumbs out there in the world who haven't a clue this is all happening right under their nose. Luckily, people like you write the articles and people like me forward them on to everyone to create awareness. Hopefully, we will make a dent in this world by awakening the masses. Keep 'em coming, Colonel! Great work!

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